Tuesday, December 30, 2008

They're your priority, you're merely their option

Don't make someone a priority when you're always their option. Now this is a topic that is often revisited. Time and time again people that I know and even myself always drop what they are doing for other people. We are talking about someone calling you to do something at the last minute and you clear your entire schedule. Then that person turns around and cancels on you. With no regard to how it may make you feel or how you may be affected.

In this new year, make yourself a priority. Other than God, there is simply no one else more important. If you set out to do something for yourself, do it. Don't cheat yourself in this new year. You deserve to be happy and not constantly let down. Try it today.

~In firm flyness

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Mo Mitch said...

I love this definitely something to live by:)