Monday, December 29, 2008

Since I know you're reading.....

Well, since I know you're actually reading this now, this is dedicated to you...

I keep trying to Believe like Raheem said:

With affection like a dreamer

with patience and understanding

like a teacher with a student, vice versa

promise not to hurt you, not to leave

not to lie, not to cheat, not to fuss

not to stress, like the rest in your past

Believe me I ain't like most men

I ain't like them others

you done dealt with in your past

just have some faith

that is all I ask,

believe in me


why go searching, else where lurking

when you been hurtin for the real thing

since I'm here before your eyes

lets make love till sunrise.

I be something like the rebirth

of love with a twist

it started with a simple kiss

what could be more precious

then the rebirth of love

Chours (repeat)

Believe in me

Believe in me, just try...try

believe in me

Chours (repeat)

I got another way I want to tell you

lately I have been thinking

about this crazy world,

being one step away from war

So tonight baby,

I want to make love to you

Like this world is coming to an end

and if we should die tonight,

In the next life

I'm gonna love you the same

Ain't nothin gonna change
~Trying to Fly

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