Thursday, April 2, 2009

Your order is coming right up....

Since I'm still in the answered prayer mood, let's talk a little more about it. I was thinking about how when I was little I used to ask my parents for something and they assured that I would get it. When I didn't get it that VERY moment, I lost it. And me badgering them about it didn't make them move any quicker. Whether it was a trip to McDonald's or to Disney World, they gave it to me when they saw fit, in their timing.

Same thing with the big homie G-O-D ( ok, that was lame, I know.. lol) . He already knows that we want this, we would love to have this, we need this. That's not important to Him. Calm, down. He is certainly concerned about us being supplied for. What I am saying is that God is concerned first and foremost about our relationship with Him. He wants to be assured that we love Him enough to know that whatever we have need of will be taken care of. "Things" mean nothing, "we" mean everything.

I have caught myself so many times praying for the same thing or throwing a spiritual tantrum about the same ol' same ol'. I can literally hear God saying, " My child, if you could just see what I see. If you could just see what next week, next month, or next year holds." You have to be able to hear His voice and accept His answer. Whether it is him telling you to leave the only man you've ever loved for the one He has for you to fulfill your purpose with, or to leave a high paying jop to go work for the church, or to go on a fast the day you get a coupon book for the local buffet. You have to be willing to accept what God says and what he allows.

I recently ordered a pizza and God spoke to me saying, "The same way you just ordered, I've heard your cries and supplication, your order is coming right up." And a light bulb came on. It was a "WOW" moment for me. When you order a pizza and they tell you your order will be ready in 30-45 minutes. You're supposed to just wait for the doorbell to ring right? No, you and your smart self decide to speed things up. lol. So, instead of waiting the allotted time, you decide to call again to place the same order repeatedly. The operator is like, "Ummm, didn't you just call? You're order is in route, just wait." It's common sense to wait right? Of course it is.

That's the same thing with prayer. You don't have to keep calling to place your order with God. First of all, he already knows your order when you call. Kinda how Pizza Hut knows you like a pan pizza with light sauce, heavy cheese, lots of veggies and NO MEAT! lol. (Ok, maybe that's just for me?!? lol) But really, God knows what you can bear, what you can handle, what you are equipped for. He takes all that into account when you place your "order". Sometimes we "order"the wrong things, but God knows just what is right for us.

So when you place our "order" next time with God, just wait. That's it. He will deliver. He always does. Your order is coming right up.......

~Fly Orderer

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Be careful what you pray for..... might just get it...

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice. In the morning I lay my requests
before you and wait in expectation.(Psalm 5:3 NIV)

Well, I'm back in full effect now. So, I was in the airport a few weeks ago and I got the lovely news that my flight would be delayed for 6 hours!! Whaaaaaaaaaaat the heck! (I really wanted to say "hell", wait I said Anywhoo, I was super pissed! I was like, "what exactly am I supposed to do for 6 hours dude??!". And for an overactive bunny like myself, I knew this was another test from the "big guy". So, I'm sitting there at the 1.4 hour mark about to pull out the hair I did have and I'm like, "God, can you pleeeeeeeeease send me somebody to talk to. And make him cute?! " lol. And guess what? He came. And we talked for the remainder of our layover. And he was seated next to me on the plane. The rest is history, been the "boo" since! lol.. Talk about a quickly answered prayer. God is awesome.

That's the thing with God. He hears all of our requests, our pleas, and our cries. No matter how minuscule or monumental they are. He hears them all and takes them all into consideration. He answers them in His timing and in His will. No matter what. Sometimes, we just so happen to line up on the same timetable and when that happens, it's magical! lol. It really is.

God's grace and mercy are simply magnificent. When I experience His swift works, I'm in amazement. There is nothing like seeing God working in your life, right before your eyes. There have been times I was in the parking lot of Target and been like, "Lord I need a parking spot", and one opens up immediately. And even when I asked God for a new career, a new car, and even a new man, God has moved within His plan for me. And when I look back down that tunnel called progression or read the pages of my life, I see that He has been in control the entire time.

Even in the heartaches, the pain, the disappointments, the misunderstandings, the misdirections, He's taken an account for it all. When I pray, I know that God has my best interest in mind. He created me and knows what I am equipped for. No sense in me praying to win the lotto when I won't even balance my check book. Or pray for a man (husband), when I'm not ready to share my bed or my Honey Smacks. lol. It's really that simple.

There are so many stories that I could share that could show you how God has done a quick work and even how He has taken His time. It seems that we all can. The one thing that we must all share in common is expectation.

Just know that when you might just get it ...
~Fly Prayer.....