Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you love something.....

"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be"


Often times in our lives, we have people that we deem important and ultimately love to pieces. But then we find ourselves in a place where we may love them more than we should or than they deserve. In that case, we must let them go in order to keep growing.

The letting go is the most painful, but the most necessary.We can continue to love and support this person, but we must have the discipline to not let this person have the best of us. Like in the bible when Ruth was working in the field, you must keep busy doing what God has for you. Now, when love returns, it may not be the same person. God may send a greater version of this person. One that can give you all that you deserve and require.
Now, from personal experience, I swear this is the hardest thing to do. To wait. One of the greatest spiritual fruits is patience. It is said to be a virtue for this very reason, it's not always easy to do, but has the greatest reward. The moment we step out of God's will and decide not to go with his "waiting" plan, we allow ourselves to come from under his covering of grace. We have to be ever so careful with this. While we think we may deserve a certain relationship with a certain person, God may be saving us from something or even ourselves. The wonderful thing about God, is even when we go astray, he forgives us and lets us get back on track.
In relationships, we have to trust him wth your whole heart. Sometimes you have step outside of something to see what it really looks like or even what it really felt like. Like the saying says, "you can't see the forest for the trees". When you're in something, you can't see it. God will always grant you the right discernment in His timing. When the revelation, be prepared. That's where growth comes in.
I can remember loving someone and realizing that he simply was not the one for me. It hurt me to the core, but I had to trust God. With all my heart, I wanted God to make him what I wanted, but it just wasn't working. It was in this moment that I knew God was really working a miracle in me. You couldn't have told me that wasn't my husband without me losing it. In hindsight, that relationship was pivotal to my growth and the woman I was to become. I love him to this day and don't hesitate telling him. We are dating other people, and I often wonder "what if", but it's too late, because I prayed that God's will would be done.
That's it. I let him go, and when he came back, he wasn't necessarily what I needed. I wanted it to work, but in order for me to be the person that God destined me to be, I knew that it would take a difference person. So in my pursuit, I am putting on glasses that project God's image and will, and not my own. My plan hasn't worked so far, so obviously I have to go with the winning team, GOD's!
So Fly Girls, this is a point of realization that God is the one and only true authority on what is right for our lives and who needs to be in it. Let Go and Let God. It's all we can. Watch and see....

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Mo Mitch said...

You already know I told you this was my song for the old year and new year ahead. I appreciate this post becasue it is relevant to my life right now. Not just love relationships but even in my case friendships. I love you for this. Im going to stop worrying,and let god and let GOD .