Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lovers and Friends?

Well, all of us fly girls find ourselves with fly guys at one point or another in our lives. Not always often in dating, but almost always often in friendships. I have several girlfriends that have guy BFFs that always seem so perfect as a friend, that they begin to toy with the possibility of a relationship with them. They get along with all of the homies, the family loves them, they make the best jokes, they know how to have the best fun at events. But why aren't they the ideal mate? Is it because you know too much about them or have you totally blocked them out because you are so consumed with all of your other suitors? Is it that they are so opposite of your usual guy? Do they not look like all the others? Is it too close for comfort?

I ponder these questions because I have a few close guy friends and I always seem to have all of the answers to their relationships woes But are one of them my answer? I just thought about it today, why have me and "so-n-so" not dated? Maybe it's not the right timing, maybe I know waaaaay too much of their personal business, maybe its just not meant for us to be together. Then I think maybe what I'm looking for is right under my nose. It's always so crazy when weighing all of your options. You start looking back over pictures, thinking about moments that you've shared and realized that there may have been a little something extra there. You start getting a little more jealous when he talks about his girl or latest conquer. You get a little more possessive when he goes out with out you. You start wanting to know more about what he's doing for the evening. You realize that you might have started liking him more than you thought. Or, maybe not. lol.

One thing is for certain, you don't want to lose your best friend or compromise what you've taken so long to build. The worst thing in the world is to lose that best friend that you've loved for so long. But then again, you don't want to miss out on who may be the only person who understands you 110% and loves you just the same.

As you can see, I have some things to think about going into the new year. And you just might too. Its always interesting when its close to home. lol. Your BFF starts looking real cute in this recession of men. That's one that God is definitely gonna have to take control of!

I guess we will all see how this one plays out.... lol

~ In Fly Confusion
Keyshia Cole's "We Could Be"
The perfect song for toying with the lovers and friends scenario.

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