Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To be "thick" or just plain ol' fat....?

To be "thick" or just plain ol' fat....? That is the question.

Ok, so the new year is approaching and of course everyone is going to be on this super workout plan, supposedly. But my question is, how thin is thin and how thick is thick? I ask this because when you look at Janet and Oprah, its obviously a universal struggle.

I was watching this new show hosted by a panel of doctors, and they analyzed 3 types of diets. They did the cayenne pepper diet, the low-carb diet, and the lifestyle diet. 3 women followed a detailed diet plan and their goal was to lose at least 5 pounds. Long story short, the lifestyle diet was the most successful. You have to do what works for you, not following a fad that works for everyone else.

I've chosen to talk about this for a moment because it seems that all of us need to focus on keeping our mind and bodies healthy. Eating the "perfect" food is fine, but if your lifestyle isn't in line with it, then its in vain. We have to make conscious efforts to eat more small meals. So instead of starving ourselves and "saving" it for a good lunch or dinner, we should carry small healthy snacks and eat smaller portions. I've tried it and it really does work.

My goal is not to be some unrealistic size, but healthy. I want to be around to see my children's children. As African American women, we certainly have to focus on keeping our hearts healthy, which comes from proper diet and exercise. With the weight of the world on our shoulders, we have to be prepared for just about anything.

So today, don't set some unrealistic diet goal that doesn't fit your lifestyle or abilities, just take little steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, get a kids meal instead of a value meal, walk around the neighborhood to visit a friend instead of driving by, walk the entire mall even if you're running into 1 store. Just watch the difference it may make ...

~Fly with me....

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