Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get It Right the 1st Time....

Have you ever heard the same thing, from a million different sources? Like, you're up one morning watching TV and you see a commercial for cutting your hair and you're like, "Honey, my hair looks fine, I'm not cutting my hair." Then you go to church and the message is about "cutting things loose in order to grow." Then your momma asks you, "Girl, when are you going to cut your hair." And theeeeeeeeeen, you get to the hair dresser and she says to you," Ms. Thang, we are gonna have to cut your hair, whether you want to or not." lol.

That's like with God. He gives us multiple signs that something should be done in certain areas in our lives and we many times ignore it or put it off. At the final point, we have no choice but to change. I used the hair example as something simple and humorous, but God approaches us the same way with things more serious such as leaving a job, changing the nature of our relationships (with friends or significant others), the places we frequent, even down to the way we spend our money. The thing about God is, He meets us right where we are, but it's all a learning process.

Don't let God show you the same things over and over. Each time, the message will intensify and you will lose more and more power to submit. You will soon have no choice but to get it right. You must began to see what God is revealing to you the first time. Without having to suffer the repercussions of disobedience.

In life, we often times know what's good for us and what we shouldn't be doing, but we do it anyway. It is in this time that we hear God's voice and disregard it. It is in this time that we are most susceptible to reproach. God is not a God of punishment, but of learning. He not only wants us to learn from our mistakes or missteps, but to reach out and share our stories with others. It's funny how even in our wrongdoings, God still has us covered. He still watches over us. He still grants us grace. He still loves us.

In efforts not to lose valuable moments with God, get it right the first time. It will add days to your life and jewels in your crown. It will just make things flow so much easier. Your breakthrough is actually closer in reach when you do things according to his will and his instruction.

Living in direction.....


Monday, April 12, 2010

Gone too soon.... On whose watch?

Disclaimer: Yeah, I know I am on this death/life talk a lot, but this is what happens when someone so critical to you leaves the earth. This is my way of healing, and plus, it's my blog, I can write about what I want.... so anyhoo, here is it...

I was talking to some of dad's friends the other day and they are still so very broke up. Saying daddy was "gone too soon", that he didn't deserve to die, and that they didn't know how they were going to be able to move on without him. I was like, "That was MY daddy, and I'm not saying any of those things, why are yall so broken?" So many things came to mind during these conversations. Did daddy get a glimpse of heaven and decide not to come back? Did he talk to God prior? Did he want to leave earth for paradise? Did he know?

All these questions have been answered through dreams, conversations with God and reading the word. You see, we are so caught up with our earthly assignments that we forget that we are merely on loan from heaven. Our eternal destinations. While we are all puzzled about the timing of dad's earthly departure, his expiration date had come up. It was merely his time to go back to his maker. It is the craziest thing, but its the only solace that I find in daddy being gone. He gets to go to a place that we can merely dream of. Imagine a place you envision as paradise times 1 million? Wouldn't that be incredible? Well, I think daddy saw that and threw up the "deuces" to us earthly folk.

I have been in a state of worship lately and in that time, I can literally feel the presence of my father. In the midst of my hands lifted up, I can feel,smell, and almost reach out and touch my dad. Yeah, it sounds weird, but its true. That's how I know he made it in. In the midst of praising God, I can feel my dad's spirit, which is what he exists as now. "To be absent from the body is to be in the presence of the Lord. " I used to hear people say that all the time, but honey, it' s real. God is so good. I can only imagine the great work daddy is doing up there. God must have some MAJOR stuff going up there he had to call home one of his generals to take up a new mantle.

That is why I can't be totally mad about him leaving to go be with God. My timing and God's timing are totally different. Where I watch the clock, God makes the clock tick. While I am flipping through a calendar, God allows the days and months to come and go. To gain understanding of why people leave earth too soon is really a way for God to urge us to get closer to him. In seeking answers, we merely need to seek his face.

The reason I cry is because I will forever miss the presence of my daddy. I can't hide that fact or that pain. But I know, in God's timing, will come healing and understanding. In the meantime, I will continue to press forward and be the woman I was ordained and set aside to be.

I miss you daddy, but I know you are in heaven sending some "hook-ups" my way.

In love and understanding,


Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Father's Business

So, these past few weeks have been tough to say the least, but time has revealed that there is a great work that needs to be done in the earth. I have had the opportunity to have my dad the longest out of all his daughters and I have truly been blessed as a result. In my 27 years, I have witnessed my father dream without measure. He would think of something and immediately be able to execute it. Above all his dreams, talents, projects, and ventures, he just wanted to be remembered. To be celebrated. It came to me as I was going through all of his tapes, his jerseys, his designs on his computer, and all of his stuff he left behind. Goodness. How will I be able to carry his legacy on? How can I assure that the world never forgets my daddy? It is so much. God began to speak and this is what He said..... "He may be gone in body, but he left some great works to be done in the earth and YOU have to do them."


"Me.... God, you can't be for real. I can't do all the things THE Michael Mitchell did. He was a genius."...

I could literally hear God laughing out loud, weirdest thing. You see, so many times we get caught up in the abilities and success of a person, without giving true regard to the person who gave them the ability to do all these things. I kept hearing Philippians 4:13 resonate throughout my mind, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Every time I looked at one of dad's many inventions or innovations, I was in awe. All the things he was able to accomplish was simply a result of having an intimate relationship with God. Not because he went to Harvard, not because he trained at Julliard, not because he went to MIT, but because he took the time to be before the Lord.

You see, as we are afforded a new mornings daily, and God's mercies are renewed, we should make it our business to give God the glory and ask for ALL that we need. Whether it be a parking space at the mall, to a cancer diagnosis being turned around, to getting approval on a new house or scholarship, or even the finances to survive during a so-called recession. God can do all things because he's BEEN doing all things. God is not a man that He should lie. ( And Lord knows there are a bunch of lying men... that's another post... lol)

Tomorrow will make 1 full month since my father went home to the ultimate paradise. Where there is no pain, no lies, no guilt, no disappointment. Where my grandmother and my great grandparents are, his best friends that left too soon, and even people that he dreamed to one day meet. Man, one full month without Michael Mitchell on the earth. You couldn't have told me on January 1, 2010, that I would only have 3 months to soak up all the daddy I could. I would of told you that you were a bold face lie. lol. But it seems as though daddy knew. 2 weeks before his stroke, he transferred his anointing to me ....DOUBLE. It was so random that it took me off guard. He rubbed both of my hands and prayed over me. He kept stressing to me the importance of time and precious moments. He gave me all of his passwords, names of his best friends, favorite songs, and how to run all of his businesses. Yea, he knew.

So, in these next critical days in my life, I must continue to carry on my father's business. His business of changing lives, loving God's children, being creative & innovative, making "out of the box" jersey & t-shirt designs, and doing the works of the Lord. My dad has prepared me to be heir to his throne as a baby. He sowed countless hours in prayer and special moments in me so I could spiritually move forward with all that he has left behind. I will now: act as President of his companies, be my mother's full time backbone, be a great parental support to my little sisters, and definitely step up my intimate relationship with God.

For you see, it's not all about the earthly education and training that prepares you for your destiny, but instead, it comes from being set aside and spending countless hours before the Lord in prayer and praise. At 27, I will be able to stand amongst giants in the body because I know that is who my father prayed for me to be.

Fast forward 1 year from now, who knows what God would have done. As I continue to carry out my father's business by doing the heavenly Father's business, I know that I am walking in purpose....

In steadfast prayer,