Saturday, January 9, 2010

"We Are All We Got"

Being the eldest of 3 girls has certainly had it's ups and downs over my 27 years, but I've embraced it. For almost 6 years, I was an only child, so I always liked to roll solo. Until my little sisters came. Everything I did, they did. Everything I said, they said. I swear I could do no wrong. I was like their own little super hero. lol. I was all they really had. Now, as an adult, my mom and I are like true BFFs. We suit up in our jogging suits and take Targets by storm, we touch and agree on the family's next breakthrough, and we confide in one another what we believe God has in store for us. I am all she has.

Many times, God allows us to be that "somebody" for people because He knows you can be trusted with their most inner thoughts and secrets. God brings people in your life for you to pour the goodness of Him into. If you think about it, some people in our life may never experience true friendship, love, kindness, and even the glory of God if it were not for us.

I always get mad when I get in a relationship and I'm giving 1000% out of the gate. Everyone is like, "Girl, I don't think he's that into you." Of course, I get super upset and start screaming to the heavens, "Really God, another user and abuser? I'm sick of this." And then I get back to regularly scheduled program. lol. So 2010, rolls around and we all send out the "I love you text, so glad you're in my life, happy new year, blah blah" text and I send it to a few of my homie/lover/friends. Honey, let me tell you, if I could read those texts back to you, you'd be in love. Thank God I am clothed in my right mind. I just stared at my phone and reread the messages at least 100 times a piece. I was like, "No this negro did NOT just say that he ___________". Long story short, he "low-key" professed his love and adoration, but he now realizes that I was a woman of God that he simply wasn't ready for. Talk about a "DUH" moment! lol.

As I proceeded to throw my Blackberry into oblivion, I heard the voice of the Lord say clear as day, "It wasn't about you, it was about me". Again, I'm looking up to heaven trying to figure out what God was working out. God revealed to me that many times He allows us to be better to other people, so one day, someone can be better to us. And it may not even be that person we were good to. It's like a cycle. With what God has placed in us, it is NOT for us. It is for us to share with so many others. Whether its our testimonies, our gifts, our stories, our triumphs, our trials, and even our smile, God wants us to be a little piece of Him in the human form.

I could never understand why I was the better friend or girlfriend and never received reciprocated treatment. It wasn't until I began to make different friends along the way. Many people went above and beyond for me and I couldn't even understand why. In my head I'm saying, "we aren't even friends for real, why is she buying me a gift. I didn't buy her a THING". But God told me to look back at my track record, at all the people I blessed, He said this is the GOOD payback. I began to embrace people being nice to me and knew it was God merely keeping the cycle going.

Until recently, I had totally been neglecting my blog, finding reasons why I was too busy and why I didn't feel like doing it. I promise you, God will not let you sleep until you're obedient. So, anyway, I declared as of January 1st, that I would make a conscious effort to chronicle the new dimension in my life. Let me tell you, God will send a witness, a ram in a bush, and an email/text to let you know that your obedience has not gone unnoticed. In just 10 days, I have received more correspondence from people saying I have blessed them, then I probably ever had. I was truly humbled by God's glory through me.

The moment I began to walk in my true gifting and in true obedience, God began to move mightily in the lives of others. You just don't know the effects of your obedience. Not only does your disobedience hold up your breakthrough, but it may be holding up a series of others'. The moment I made a decision to be a blessing to the masses, the enemy got real upset. I mean, I was being attacked daily. But I refused to curse God and I refused to stop writing.

That's what we have to do. Make a conscious effort to be a blessing to at least one person every single day. It will feed your purpose, prolong your life, and truly make it a better place. The moment we walk in our obedience and gifting, we will unleash God's glory not only on our lives, but in the lives of so many others.

So today my brother and my sister, I bless you. I command the blessings of Abraham upon you. I am blessed because I am blessing you. Now do the same for someone else. At the end of the day, "we are all we got"!

In the most sincere agape love,


Be that somebody that someone can lean on and watch God strengthen you in ways you've never seen

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Real Housewives of Fashion said...

beautifully said...Im a witness of how God allow you to be the Giver in some situations where you do not benefit from. Only to find out later, God have stored many blessing for you.... Be Blessed