Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't Ever Get Too Comfortable.. It Might Be Moving Time...Again!

One of my favorite past times has to be visiting different hotels and experiencing new hotels. I can remember one time, I went out of town, stayed in a great hotel, go to my room, and was like, "Uhhhh, I hate this room, but I don't have time to be changing rooms." So, I settled for what I was given, unpacked, got dressed and headed out on the town. Of course, I got back to the room, rather late, so I assumed I would be sleeping in. Well, the front desk thought otherwise. I got an early morning call from the manager with him explaining that I had the wrong room and would have to move. Right then! You know I was cutting up. But, I packed up my cute little luggaged and obliged. When I arrived to my new room, it was bigger, nicer, newer. When moving time came, I got a free upgrade. Wow! When I humbled myself, packed my bags, God moved on my behalf.

That's kind of like with God. As His children, we get so happy with where we are and what we are doing, we don't ever consider moving or changing. We think where we are is fine. We think that because we are comfortable, that there is no need to seek another alternative or another route.

I can remember being at my first job from college. It had taken me forever to finally get one, but I did, lol. One day I was out with my girls and I ran into my friend from school who was a realtor in Atlanta and he was like, "Mel, you really need to leave Miami, you're too comfortable here." Duh! Why wouldn't I be. I had a good job, I loved my co-workers, I knew all the back streets in the city, why would I want to move to Atlanta? I didn't know any people there, I didn't have a job, and I just wasn't interested in breaking my flow. Low and behold, my boss co-authors a grant and guess where it is at? ATLANTA! Right. God is a mess. lol. I was like, "Lord, I am not going to make it in Atlanta, it's this, it's that." Blah, blah, blah. I mean, I fought tooth and nail to get here. But guess what, I came. I got better friends, I was able to affect more youth one-on-one, I got more TARGETS!, and I even got closer to God. It was one of the best decisions that God has made for me.

You see, often time we get caught up in what we want, what we believe, and the direction that seems safe with us. Our ultimate goal should be to be where HE has us to be. I look at my dream board, my prayer book, and my daily reminders and pray, "Lord, if it be your will." We don't ever want to put too much emphasis on what WE want, we have to stay focused on HIS will for our life. Whether its dating a particular person, leaving a job, being laid off, budgeting, changing church membership, even as trivial as going out. We have to trust God to know that his will for our lives is greater than any thought that we could conjure up. He has wisdom, far beyond what we can ever have.

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. (James 1:5)

Whatever new situation that God places us in, we have been adequately prepared throughout our lives. I was recently faced with a very life altering situation, where I knew I would simply go crazy. But, as I was in the midst of it, I began to praise and lift God's name up.

Sometimes God does what we don't have the guts to do.

It's crazy because we think we have "arrived" by being in our place of comfort and God's comes to shake all of that up. Not to demote us, but often times it is to promote us. It may not be evident initially, but when the facts are all ironed out it is for our better.

God may even be trying to protect you. Our steps have been ordered and our stories have been written. Understanding that, God has seen what we will be faced with. He brings great shifting in our lives in order to keep us from harms way. And for that, we must remain grateful.

When it's moving time, we need not kick and scream. We should really remained partially packed and be ready to move when God says so.

Moving according to His will,


I have chosen to share this video by Paul Morton... "Don't Do It Without Me"

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