Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Standing: Lights, Camera, Action!

(That's me with the Spike haircut in the tie-died

Ok, I've been ghost, I know I know. Forgive me. God has been sooooooooooo busy in my life. Let me get right to it. So, last Tuesday, I ( along with 20 other wonderful young ladies from FAMU) was featured on BET's hit reality show, Monica:Still Standing. Now, this whole opportunity materialized back in November, merely through a text. When I tell you God can move in a mere instant, you just need to be ready. So, long story short, I helped orchestrate an intimate round table discussion with young ladies to be on Monica's show. It all came to life on January 12, 2010 at 10pm. Oh, did I mention that the producer personally called me and told me that I got MAJOR camera time and that she was so proud to have chosen me to work with? Did I also mention that I contacted FAMU's communication office to spread the word and they sent out a nationwide message for all students, alumni, boosters, and supporters to watch? Yeah, God did it big for us!

Now this opportunity showed me that :

When you have a purpose, you must act in it.

This show was taped on my 5-year line anniversary, during FAMU's homecoming, and during one of favorite linesister's wedding in Albany. At the point of this text, I was in the midst of preparing for all 3 of these events. Something on the inside of me kept saying that I wasn't going to be partaking in any of those events. I kept saying, I don't think I am going to make that drive to Albany, or our luncheon, or the game, and guess what? I didn't .

Many times, God has already told us what we are to do and He adequately prepares us for it. When He is about to use us for an intended purpose, He begins to line certain things up and begins to rid us of others.

I need not worry about the HOW, just focus on the who (ME)

Now, when I got word that this show needed to be orchestrated, I immediately begin to question my ability to do it all. I paused, asked God for guidance, and the rest was history.

It's funny how we get so caught up in HOW God is going to do something that we miss the WHO. God wants us to totally surrender to His will. No matter what we are faced with, He has our back, even when it seems impossibly hopeless.

I just don't know who is truly watching

Now, BET is a pretty well watched network, well all know that, but the response I got from being on the show was truly overwhelming. I mean, I was getting calls from folks that I didn't even know had my number. It was incredible. What blessed me the most was the message from one of my girls from school. She said her whole family was saying how beautiful I was and how they could see God's glory on my life. I literally began to weep.

You see, no matter how you feel or no matter your journey, if people can look at you and see God, then none of that is of importance. Our story and struggle is not just for us to endure and to keep. We must share with others, to bring them closer to God. Its amazing how God can use you or what you've been through to minister to others and pull their purpose out. You are the missing link and you don't even know it.

Everyone wants to be friends with a "star"

Now, I don't know what it is about folks that think that because you've been on TV or work with celebrities that makes them think you're a "star", but they do. Its kind of funny. As I told you a few posts back, I'm in a major transition in my life and I've had to leave a lot of people and things back in 2009. Well, honey, they all seem to have found me and started texting/calling me again.

It's funny how people don't want to be a friend of one who is struggling, but want to be a part of the success. Listen, as you go through life, don't be that way. Don't be with someone strictly in their "UP" times and in the "DOWN" times, simply disappear. True bonds and friendships are developed and strengthened during adversities.

No matter what they think, know that God has you set aside

Lastly *go get your tissue*, in my 27 years, I could never understand why I had to go through what I've gone through, or why God allowed things to happen to me, why I've been where I've been, seen what I've seen, dealt with certain type of relationships, lost/gained certain friends, not been able to sleep, cried myself to sleep on some nights, been denied things I know I deserved, had to make decisions based upon principles I know no one else abides by, why things never seem to go according to my plan, etc.

You see, when God sets you aside for an intended purpose, there is NOTHING you can do about it. You can't run, hide, or get away from what God wants you to do. God has placed something in you that is to bless nations. You are the missing link to so many others. You are the way someone is going to get out of bondage. You are the reason why someone will choose not to commit suicide. You are the reason someone will walk out of abortion clinic. You are the reason why someone will give their marriage another try. You are the reason why someone will dust themselves off and try it again. You will be the reason why a person will begin writing that book or blog. You are the reason a person will go back to their passion. You are the reason why a person will learn to forgive that person that has hurt them beyond repair. You are the reason that person will go back to school. You are the reason why that person became who they were supposed to be. You. Yes, that you that was hurt, mistreated, misunderstood, abandoned, forgotten, left out in the cold. That you that lost their way, the you that second guessed them self, the you that used to hurt others, the you that never knew how to love. Yes, that you.

You have to understand that your story is just not for you to read and to keep moving, but it is for God to get the glory. God wants you to endure the cards he has dealt you so you can encourage someone else to endure theirs.

In life, who we are is all a reflection of who God wants us to bless. When you are hurting in one particular area in your life. Don't sulk, and wallow in self pity. Instead, begin to minister to those who are struggling just the same. Watch God not only work your situation out, but bless a multitude of others in the process.

Smiling at the camera, because I know God's in action....



fab_E said...

It's funny you said get your tissue cause there is definitely water in my eyes.

First off i've been reading your blog for months now. i'll fall off mainly because i used to completely forget about my blogger site and even slacked on updating my own blog. But i find it so funny that i really started getting back into your blog at this point in my life.

to sum it up, for a few years i did what i wanted to do and basically but God on the back burner. I've gone through some stuff to realize that he's the only one i need and the only one i want. You don't know how refreshing it is to see someone who is using the talents that God gave them to minister to others that can truly relate. I'm telling you every post i've yelled at my computer 'yes! i totally understand!'. I'm even going through a situation right now where i really have to rely on God and not me. Reading your blog has been added to my devotional because in some form or another what you say I need to hear.

With ALL of that being said, i just want to say thank you. Keep writing because your doing a great thing and just know you have a very faithful follower! :)


Her Flyness said...

Wow! Thanks E...

Girl, I wish I could tell you all that I've been dealing with and have had to encounter over the past few months. All I have is God, like, for real. As soon as I try to fall out and kick & scream, God shows up. So all I can do is wait for him to move.

I am so blessed to know that I have been a blessing to you. Half the time I need to read my own blog to get myself back together.. lol..

Let me get on this next entry... :O)


~Kymmy~ said...

I am SO glad I was being nosy and came across your blog. It just came at the perfect time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for blessing me (& I'm sure others)through your writing and experiences. You are truly an inspiration to me. God Bless You!