Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our now is not our forever

One thing that life has shown us is that where we are right now will not be where we are in the very next moment.
Just this past week I was flying all over town as I usually do and for some reason, I had my windows down and I heard the weirdest noise. Being one that pays attention to every detail, I got out of my car and found the culprit. Low and behold, I had a HUGE nail in my tire. I said, "Lord, please get me home safely." So, I proceeded down I-20, at least 25-30 miles from my house at about 70 mph. As I was approaching my exit, I heard this loud "CLACK" and my car started slowing down. Apparently the nail decided to come out of the tire, leaving me with a steadily deflating tire. I was literally 10 miles from my house. But guess what? I was 4 miles from a tire shop. So I begin praying like the folks from the Bible. Real hard and real loud. I refused to let panic settle in. I put on my flashers and pushed all the way to the shop. When I arrived, the mechanic said, "I don't know how long you've been riding, but you might as well get ready to buy a new tire." Honey, I told that man, "You must not know the God I serve and how capable he is."

That day, he became a believer. Not only did I make it safely, my $200 tire cost $15 to patch and 10 minutes to fix. He said that it was no wonder my car didn't spin out of control or get in an accident. He was literally at a lost for words. So was I. Well, I was at a lost at words to speak to him, but I immediately began to throw up words of praise. God did it again! He saved me and I didn't even realize what I was being saved from. I just knew that I wasn't going to accept defeat and be on the side of road for hours. I pushed my own belief to believe that I would make it and I did! (Oh, did I mention, the name of the shop was Mitchell Tire? My last name... yeah. God is just that kind of God.. lol)

You see, because I already saw my self out of that situation, God delivered me to victory. I kept saying, "Lord, I need you, stay with me." And that he did. During that very moment, it didn't seem like I was going to get any reprieve, so I knew all I had was God. Even when every odd is stacked against me, I hope against hope. I trust and know that God is a God of RIGHT now. His timing is impeccable and His grace is everlasting.

The old Mel would have thrown in the towel and given up hope, but for some reason, I just cant bring myself to do it anymore. When I feel like I am up against the wall, I use it as my launching pad to move on to something else. In this season, I have seen God show up when I was at my very last bit of hope and money in the bank.

I think above all, I have learned to not dwell in my moments of difficulties and disappointments, I just cannot let the enemy get away that easy. Of course, my human (flesh) side wants to shout out a few expletives and get flustered, but nothing is accomplished once my hissy fit is over. Perhaps the most effective way is to begin to thank God for what He's done and what He's about to do. Watch your perspective change and watch God move in a mightily way. I certainly saw that when my tire was fixed.

There is nothing God can't do. There is no place that He cant pull you from. There is not a life that He cannot provide. Just trust and believe that your right now is not your forever.

Pushing beyond my right now....