Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't Lose Sight, Make Your Vision Plain

Well, this is probably one of my most favorite things in the world to do. Cut up pictures, magazines, use cute scrapbook paper lots of glue, wheeew, you name it! Putting together a Vision Board (VB) is perhaps one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself and into your destiny.

Now, it's one thing to want to do something and to think about it often. But to visually see all that God has promised you and all that you want to accomplish, it's invigorating. There is power in SEEING things. Not just in your mind, but in your future, and in front of you. It is vitally important that you always keep reminding yourself of what God has promised you. All that he told you and all that you know.

With my VB, I've included things as trivial as what I want my hair to look like in a year, to the car I want to drive, the kind of man I want to marry and the kind of places I plan to travel. Now, the beauty of having a close relationship with God is that he hears your every requests, cries, and desires. But you MUST be specific. Its nothing like calling Pizza Hut to order a pizza and you're like, "just send me whatever", and get mad when they deliver a pizza with anchovies, onions, and sardines. lol. You have to be very, very detailed oriented with God.

That's where a VB comes in handy for sure! Not only does it let God know what you want, but it reminds you of what all of your struggles are for. What your prayer and fasting is for. What your light of the end of the tunnel is.

I've been doing VBs since late 1990s. I can remember as a freshman in high school, wanting to go to FAMU. Not wanting to pay a dime. So, I got my dad to get me a FAMU bumper sticker and I stuck it to the ceiling, over my bed. Every night, I visualized myself walking the highest of 7 hills, hanging with new friends, being the "IT" girl on campus. Low and behold, in 2000, I met the university president who handed me a specialized scholarship to FAMU. I wept like a baby. Never imagining that a bumper sticker and visualization would actually work. Things have been falling into place since, and I've been cranking out VBs like my life depended on it. lol

That's the place that God wants us all at. A place of raw belief and faith. A
place where we are saying, "Lord, you are all I have. I have no other hope but
you. Lord I trust you with everything I need and all that I am."

Let me tell you, that does something for God. Like a proud parent watching children feverishly write out their Christmas list. They know they have to make it happen because they are the only source. That's God. Our proud papa ready and willing to answer every prayer and every desire. Putting our VB together is like our perpetual life Christmas list. All we want and all that we know is a part of our life.
Ok, there is no right or wrong way to put one together. It merely a huge collage of words and pictures that mean something to you and that are directly connected to a major goal in your life. I usually divide mine by Love, Relationships, Friends/Family, Finances/Career, Spiritual Life, Car, Travel, House, Parenting/Kids, and a personal declaration. Now your board may consist of more or less, but it is entirely up to you!

Biblically, it was proven that writing things down and laying it before the Lord gave him something to work with. In Habakkuh 2:2-4 it says:

2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon
tables, that he may run that readeth it.
3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
4 Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by
his faith.

The key part of the scripture to me is not only the writing it down part, but it warns you that "the vision may tarry". Even back in the biblical days, people were discouraged with the timing on things and the way things worked out. But be encouraged to know that because you have written it down and placed visuals to your goals, God has a CLEAR picture of what you desire.

Ok, Here are my past 3 that I have made. I have made several board and books. I am a super scrapbooker, so I have a whole bunch of creative stuff laying around. And I kicked the boo to the curb for the New Year, so I have A LOT of free time on my hands. lol.

My Vision Board 2010: The Land of Milk & Honey- Year of Overflow

My Vision Board 2009: The Year of Expectation

My Dream Book 2009: What Dreams May Come

Well.... I will leave you to work on your board, book, or whatever you choose. Remember, it's between you and God what you want in your life. So you're the only one that knows what it looks like.

Visually speaking...



Mr_Ender said...

What an inspiring blog! Awesome

Mama's Girl Alexis said...

I am a new reader and I love this as well. I actually have a VB that I made some years ago. I need to make a new one for the 2010. I just moved and alot of my things ares still packed. I cannot wait to see my VB again. : )
Thank you for this Read....