Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just Go With It (Part 2)

Yeah, I've been ghost, so you know I have A LOT to say.... So recently I 've been in one of those "gray area" type of relationships where you're more than friends, but less than together. Its been great, but difficult because there is so much left out in the open, so many things that you really have no right to question, and areas that I don't particularly want to be open about. But, let me tell you the power of putting it ALL on the table.

Recently I was at my little sister's high school event and there were a few fraternity (that shall remain members there that were cool. Of course the one that wants to be a pastor found his way to me and asked me out. I'm like, "Um, I'm kinda sorta seeing someone, sorry." He was like, "Is that your man? Are you all exclusive? Is he the one?" I really didn't even know how to answer that. I was like, you're right, dinner won't hurt. So we went out, he was cool, no big deal. On the ride home, I HAD to call the boo. I just could not act like it was all good and not tell him. Man, I called him to tell him everything and he was real cool about it. He was like, "Babe, I know you're loyal, it's cool. Do your thing." He even revealed his mindset on our whole situation.

You see, the moment I decided to "just go with it", things just even themselves out. Facing the music wasn't as bad as it seemed. I actually felt more liberated by the truth than by hiding it and running from the inevitable. Many times we allow the enemy to place things in our minds to distract us, to cast doubt, and to create internal confusion. It is all by design. The less stable we are, the less effective we are. It can start as something as small as second guessing yourself to doubting who you are to completely not knowing how to make the right decisions all together.

Don't let small things fester in your mind and take your eyes off set forth course....

Figuring out this course & staying on it....


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