Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Because I Don't Like It, Doesn't Mean I Can't ...

Well, I finally had the chance to take a breather with my family and decided to head to Vegas. My baby sis turned 16 and we wanted to do something different. So for about 3 weeks we played around with the hotel packages and flights until we got a decent rate. Seemed like we were NEVER going to find something that fit our likes and our budget. About 2 weeks before the trip, my mom and middle sis stayed up until 3 am and found the ideal package for us and we were on our way to Vegas baby! We get here, we are ecstatic, we love the atmosphere, we deal with the heat, we get to our hotel room and BAM!......we hate it! lol. Of course the pictures online promised this grandiose layout with great amenities and accommodations, but they weren't any of the sort. But guess what, I said, "I may not like it, but I am grateful." #message

You see in life, we build up these illusions of grandeur of what we want certain things to be whether it be in relationships, a vacation, a job, a car, you name it. We often put a lot of expectation in things then when it doesn't measure up, we are left in disarray. In our minds things should be one way but often fall short. It's funny how the visions in our heads don't materialize in our lives. It shouldn't stop us from dreaming and expecting, but it should instill a better sense of reality and a greater ability to be grateful for what we've been given.

I look around at this room like, "PUKE", but then I remember what it took to get here. The sacrifice, the things we've been through this year, the late nights doing research about vacation packages, all of that. The fact that so many people want to be in this very position, whether it's the "perfect" room or not. The fact that we made it is a miracle all in it's self.

That's the way life is though. We create these images in our heads of what marriage and/or relationship should be and they end up being far from that. That may not be a bad thing though. What works for one couple, may not work for you. Allow God to mold your "perfect" situation and stop trying to throw your own spin on it. Even when it comes to your mate. There are definitely some specifics that you want him/her to have, but don't find your self nit picking your potential other to the point where you talk yourself out of what God has for you. I know I am guilty of it, even as we speak. Whether it be a physical flaw, one character trait, something in their past, or one thing that they may have said. Learn to look at the bigger picture.

One person's jagged edges can fit perfectly into your puzzle pieces. Their imperfections can magnify your perfections. The areas where you are most weak, they can be strong in.They can be that person that can make you appreciate what you do have instead of the few things that you may lack.

I think the place I am in now is a pretty decent one. Yes, I miss my dad, but I am grateful to have had one to instill such greatness in me. Yes, I wish I was still working with youth day to day, but I am grateful to have gifts and talents to sustain me during this season. Yes, I wish this room was greater, but I am glad to be in an ideal place on the strip to experience Vegas at it's best. We all have to come to a point where we find the greatness in every gray area in our lives. Eventually, those areas will seem brighter as well.

It's all about perspective.

Looking ahead and not behind with a spirit of gratefulness.......


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