Saturday, June 26, 2010

Battle of the Ex's: We're Not Close Anymore... Are We?

You see I have been on this relationship kick lately. lol. Clearly this has been the topic of discussion for me and many of my girl and guy friends.

Ok, this whole "ex" thing is driving me crazy. With the circle of friends that I am in and was in college, a lot of ex boyfriends and girlfriends have been thrown back into the pool of availability. I have recently, accidentally dipped into this pool. Totally oblivious to the "lineage" of the current boo and a chick I was once cool with in school.

WHO CARES?????? lol. I mean, are we REALLY obligated to never "talk" to each other's ex's when we haven't spoken in literally 5+ years? No right? I didn't think so. With all the use of twitter and facebook, people are acquainted that probably would not otherwise meet or speak. With that being said, people meet people that have no idea know people that are from someone's past.

This has literally happened to me twice. Like, recently. So I am now faced with having to not speak to some chick in my past. Not that we've spoken in the past 5 years, but still, in hopes of not seeming like a low-life, sneaky person, I have to have the uncomfortable conversation of, "Hey, I'm with your ex now, hope it's cool. Even it's not, I'm still kicking it with him. And yes, it's getting serious." I mean, do I owe them that? We were once cool, but haven't spoke in YEARS. Even with all these methods of staying in touch, we chose not to.

I guess I am posing this question (rhetorically) because it is happening to so many people I know (and me We are able to portray parts of us online that may not have otherwise been noticeable in school or in passing. So now we have the opportunity to connect with people miles & miles away. I guess that's when technology becomes a blessing and a curse huh?

If you just so happen to fall for an ex of a former friend, do what you feel in your heart. Prayerfully it will work itself out. Well, the thing about it is, if God has it ordained for you to be with a certain person, it really doesn't matter how it happens or who it is. He has someone set aside for you. God does not operate in confusion, so all it requires is prayer and an adult conversation. There is never any need to stoop to the level of a person who is not able to handle things maturely.

Besides... all things are fair in love & war...

May the best woman end up with the best man......


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