Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Someday may never come.....

I really didn't have much of a "theme" for today, but more of a talking point. I woke up this morning thinking about what I dreamt and all I could remember was the smell of my dad's cologne. In my dream, my dad was telling me that he missed me and that he wanted to share how to continue the business. By the time I woke up, it was all a blur. I just laid in bed and thought about all the moments we once shared and how he constantly wanted to make everything we did a "teaching" moment. It's like everything he taught me I am now in the midst of living out. Everything I've learned is everything I am.

In life, we collect experiences, capture images, and record conversations and they stay in our minds. They eventually shape our beliefs, our understandings, and our opinions. What we do becomes who we are. Everything that we go through is pivotal to who are. I think about all the people I've met, dated, loved, befriended, disliked, had issues with, and learned from, and it seems that I have taken a little bit of each of them with me. Each time I've walked away from a situation, I made sure that it was a "teaching" moment. That is what daddy taught me. It's important that you go through life as a student because eventually you will become a teacher.

This morning I texted a good friend of mine about my dream and he got excited for me. He said my dream was merely a reflection of what an incredible woman my dad raised. I was so touched. It's amazing how someone can see such greatness in you that you are often blind to. The most profound thing he shared was, "someday is another word for never". #message.... It's the truth. If I keep saying that I will "someday" carry on my dad's legacy, then I may never get to doing it. We always hope that "someday" finds its way to us, but many times it doesn't.

I just got off the phone with my mentor of almost 20 years and she was in tears. She told me that she was in Atlanta and wanted to get with me. I asked why she was in town, since she was from Miami, she said that her son-in-law had suddenly passed. He daughter and son-in-law were celebrating their 20th anniversary on Sunday and were preparing to go out on the town. He went to the couch to lay down for a sec while she got dressed. As she was in the shower, she heard him yell out her name. She ignored it the first time, but them heard it again. By the time she came in the living room, she found him face down on the floor. He had died of a massive heart attack on their anniversary. He was only 39 years old. They had been sweethearts. The doctors report said he had an enlarged heart and it decided to explode on that day. This was nothing short of heartbreaking.

I promise this was the saddest story I had heard in a very, very long time. It almost made me more at peace with my dad's story. At least I got 2 weeks to say good bye to him everyday instead of coming home to see him face down on the floor.
In life, you may not get another chance to say I love you, or good morning, or I miss you, you have to say it time you feel it. The next moment is not promised and we don't have forever. Say it right now.

Someday may never come, so relish in the day you have right now.

Hoping that my days make a difference.....


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Jeff Beckham Jr. said...

This is an awesome piece and a Word we have to take heed of. It's interesting when we leave this earth on almost every headstone or obituary you see 1950-2010 or 1934-2009 and one day (God willing a long time from now) ours will say 1980-2080 or 1985- 2075 and the most important part of the heading isn't the born date or the date of your death. The most important part is the dash in the middle. We only get a finite amount of time to fulfill our God given purpose. Today is the day to make the most of that dash. Someday may never come.. ! Great blog.. Thank u..!