Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be Ready When It Comes

Many of my girlfriends and I have been on this journey of self awareness, life definition, and finding that "one". With this journey it has taken great faith, supplication, and belief. We have had to deal with a lot of counterfeits, experienced many disappointments, and been on an emotional roller coaster. Through it all, we have held on to what God promised and never looked back. The funny thing is, the tides are changing. The things we've prayed and cried for are coming to pass, but are we really ready?

My girl and I were talking about the dating scene recently and thinking about all the men we've dated and the ones that we are "thinking" about being with now. Man, God really might be answering every prayer. I mean, we've gone from relationships where we've carried the load, gone to sleep crying, paid for anything they asked for, and given 150% where they have given only 50%. We have been THROUGH it with the men in our past. Now, we are faced with a new breed of men that open doors, send flowers just because, email notes to say "I'm thinking about you", and are ready to scream their affections from the mountain tops. This breed of men is ready to love you just like God promised in the bible. But are we ready?

Have you been praying and crying so long for something that when it gets to you and you don't see it? Have you been making so many dream boards and books that you forgot what your dreams look like? Have you been so busy hating the things in your past that you have lost hope for the things in the future? Well, if you're afraid to admit it, I certainly am not. I have been guilty of letting the "right" things pass me by because I am so consumed by what I used to experience. It's naturally human to operate in hurt, but that is not what God wants for us. He wants us to believe beyond our current situations to what He has promised.

With God you have to know that He has your best interest at heart. Whether it looks or feels like it in this very moment, He has a greater plan for you. He knows exactly who you are supposed to be with, exactly where you need to live, all the places you should go, and exactly what you should experience. God makes no mistakes. Now, this is BIG for me to say all of this because I question a lot of the things that I and my family have gone through. Still with no clear answers, I know God is greater than the moment I am in now. I cannot stop believing.

I know that the man of my dreams is on the horizon. I have seen glimpses of him recently and I am overjoyed. But instead of rushing into anything, I am in a state of praise and continual prayer. The same way God brought great people in my life, He will do the same in the future. In this season, I am operating in wisdom and understanding. Overall, I am operating in patience. I know that nothing with God comes without prayer. So as I pray and expect things to happen, I am confident that God has everything I need right on the horizon.

Confidently praying for the future,


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