Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Be You... Who Else Will Be?

Yeah, I know I have been a little "incognegro" for the past few days, forgive me, I have been travelling quite extensively lately. It's a blessing though. I just came back from a girls weekend in New Orleans for The Essence Music Festival. Boy, what a trip! I learned so much about myself and others that I swear I will have an entire book written. lol. Out of all the things I learned, I learned that if I am just myself, that should be enough. Even if it seems like a lot for others.

Anytime you put 4 different women in their late 20s in one room, you are bound to have some personality clashes, disagreements, and "intense" conversations. And honey, we truly had all of the above and THEN some. lol. We were able to get through most of our discussions without feelings being hurt, but each of us stood strong in our opinions. The one incident that stood out to me was when I was getting dressed. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE eyeshadow and lipstick, bright colors, funky shoes, and TIGHTS.. lol. If I could pursue a career of make-up artistry & styling, I would probably do it for free. But anyway, I was getting dressed and my girl was like, "are you going to wear ALL of those colors and that lipstick?" I turned around like, "Yeah, what's the problem?" She was like, "Oh nothing girl, I just know I would look like a drag queen or a show girl if I did it, but it's cool for you." You know I got a lil' attitude right? I had to pull my response together so I wouldn't sound like I was offended. I was initially taken aback, but I realized that everything isn't for everybody.

In life, people aren't always going to agree with what you do and who you are, but that should never stop you from being exactly who God ordained you to be. Now, many of my friends think I am a little "over the top" with my dress & style, my humor, and my approach, but it works for me. It has gotten me national exposure on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and even the Internet. Just by being me. Never second guessing what I say or do. Never thinking twice about why I wear what I wear or even when I wear it. It feels good to be "different". It's really all I know.

My whole life, my parents have encouraged individuality. I can remember growing up and having a pair of hot pink cowgirl boots. They were the flyest shoes to me. (Now mind you, I was only 3 years old..lol.) I would wear them everywhere. To the store, to church, even with my uniform to pre-school. My mom said I loved those shoes, so she let me wear them. My mom didn't think I was being a brat, but instead developing my style, my personality, who I was to become. To this day, I will rock a funky pair of kicks, whether they match my outfit or not, just because.

If I ever stopped being me, then who will? Who will be the fabulous "rainbow brite" that stands out in a crowd and is not afraid to rock orange lipstick? (yeah, I definitely wore some this weekend. lol) Who cares if other people don't understand it. Who cares if people don't know how to process who you are? It's a reason for everything you do and all that you are. When you being just you and are out in the world, it will attract the right person/people in your life. Just being you will open the right doors, will have you in the right place, and have you walk into your destiny. Never water down who you are to appease anyone.

Being who you are goes beyond style and what you decide to wear. It goes deeper to how you pray, how you forgive, how you bless others, how you hold on to your faith. All of that. You have to develop a formula that works for you. One that pushes you closer to your destiny and closer to God. That's the ultimate goal. To become who you are destined to be. Never stop holding on to what God has placed in you, no matter what others may think. You are you for a reason and nothing else really matters. As long as people can see the light shinning in you that God has placed there, you're job has been done.

Standing strong in who I am,



NC17 said...

the key is individuality, most parents put expectations on their children to be like an athlete or like that doctor, if you spend your childhood being told that, your adulthood will seem like a fail if you didn't pan out the way your parents wanted it to. it all starts at home.

fab_E said...

great post. Mel you always seem to talk about topics that are going on in my life at that moment, and this one isn't an exception so thank you! most of my life i've comformed to my surrounds friends and their way of thinking (sounds bad but true). i'm in the process of not only growing in God but knowing and embracing that "i am fearfully and wonderfully made" and that there is really only one of me :)