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Thug Love: Favorite Rap Songs About Love!

Some of my favorite rap love songs! My ideal man has to be a Fly Nerd with a Hip-Hop thug edge. I know it sounds crazy, but I think I already found him. I hope he comes to his senses before I decide to keep it moving.....


I Need Love
by LL Cool J

Girl, listen to me
When I be sittin in my room all alone, staring at the wall
fantasies, they go through my mind
And I've come to realize that I need true love
and if you wanna give it to me girl make yourself seen
I'll be waitingI love you

Pulling Me Back
By Chingy

To all the fellas know you feel me, if you ever had a woman,
Good times led to bad times and you ain't see it coming,
Tried your best to make her happy,
But it wasn't enough,
'Cause mama told me in relationship the road gets rough
And I ain't the one to have my head down
Weak and stressed out
As bad as it hurts I gotta move to the next route
(Uh) I thought I was her man
Guess she ain't understand
N now she's sittin' hurr looking crazy likeDamn!

Mind Sex
By Dead Prez
African princess, tell me yo interests
Wait, let me guess boo, you probably like poetry
Heres a little something I jotted down in case I spotted you around
So let me take this opportunity
Would you share a moment with me, over herbal tea?
Take a walk verbally, make a bond certaintly
Cuz in my hand I bet your hand fit perfectly
And its like we floatin out in space when you flirtin wit me
Cmon, a little foreplay dont hurt (hmmm)

You Got Me
By The Roots

Somebody told me that this planet was small
we use to live in the same building on the same floor and never met before
until I'm overseas on tour and peep this ethiopian queen from philly taking classes abroad
she studying film and photo flash focus record
said she workin on a flick andcould my click do the score
she said she loved my show in paris
at Elysee Montmartre
and that I stepped off the stage
and took a piece of her heart
we knew from the start that
things fall apart, intentions shatter
she like that shit don't matter when I get home get at her
through letter, phone, whatever
let's link, let's get together

Song Cry
By Jay-Z

Good dudes - I know you love me like cooked food
Even though a nigga got move like a crook move
We was together on the block since free lunch
We shoulda been together havin 4 Seasons brunch
We used to use umbrellas to face the bad weather
So now we travel first class to change the forecast
Never in bunches, just me and you
I loved your point of view cause you held no punches
Still I left you for months on end
It's been months since I checked back in
Well somewhere in a small town, somewhere lockin a mall down
Woodgrain, four and change,
Armor All'd down
I can understand why you want a divorce now
Though I can't let you know it,
pride won't let me show it
Pretend to be heroic, that's just one to grow with
But deep inside a nigga so sick

By Lloyd Banks

Whenever I'm not around, and you feelin down
Let the thought of me be (I be the reason you smile)
I don't wanna see you frown, like them kids watch a clown
I wanna bring you joy and be (I be the reason you smile)
Baby, you know my style, you know how I get down
I provide by any means to be (I be the reason you smile)
We done been through ups and downs, had drama for a while
I'm just happy I'm around to be (I be the reason you smile)

Best Friend
By 50 cent

Separate me from the rest, I feel like I'm the best
If there's a price to pay for feelin you I pay that twice
I'm as ghetto as it gets girl you know that's right
I ain't got nothin to hide baby I tell you my secrets
'Fore you end up bein 'round long enough to peep shit
I get closer to you, I mean closer than close
I get into you, after I take off my clothes
Girl I been into you, mentally long before

By Andre 3000

i hope that you're the one
if not,you are the prototype
we'll tiptoe to the sunand do thangs
i know you like
i think im in love...again
i think im in love...again
(today) today must be my lucky day baby
you are the prototype
let's do somethin out of the ordinary
like catch a matinèe baby
you are the prototype
i think i
i think im in love...again
i think im in love...again
if we happen to part
Lord knows I dont want that
but heywe can't be mad at God
we met today for a reason
I think im on the right track now

Uncondtional Love
By Tupac
(What y'all want?)
Unconditional Love (no doubt)
Talking bout the stuff that don't wear off
It don't fade
It'll last for all these crazy days
These crazy nights
Whether you wrong or you right
I'm a still love you
Still feel you
Still there for you
No matter what (hehe)
You will always be in my heart
With unconditional love

You're all I need
By Method Man

Shorty I'm there for you anytime you need me
For real girl, it's me in your world, believe me
Nuttin make a man feel better than a woman
Queen with a crown that be down for whatever
There are few things that's forever, my lady
We can make war or make babies
Back when I was nothin
You made a brother feel like he was somethin
That's why I'm with you to this day boo no frontin
Even when the skies were gray
You would rub me on my back and say "Baby it'll be okay"
Now that's real to a brother like me baby
Never ever give my cootie away and keep it tight aight

The Light
By Common

I never knew a luh, luh-luh, a love like this
Gotta be somethin for me to write this
Queen, I aint seen you in a minute
Wrote this letter, and finally decide to send it
Signed sealed delivered for us to grow together
Love has no limit, lets spend it slow forever
I know your heart is weathered by what studs did to you
I aint gon assault em cause I probably did it too
Because of you, feelings I handle with care
Some niggaz recognize the light but they cant handle the glare
You know I aint the type to walk around with matchin shirts
If relationship is effort I will match your work
I wanna be the one to make you happiest, it hurts you the most
They say the end is near, its important that we close.... to the most, high
Regardless of what happen on him lets rely

Love Is
Yeah, yeah[Chorus]
How beautiful love can be
On the streets love is hard to see
It's a place I got to be
Loving you is loving me
How beautiful love can be
On the streets love is hard to see
Gotta reach that frequency
Loving you is loving me
[Verse 1]
Yeah, you know what love is
Even found it on the ground where the thugs live
My man had to dig deep to find his
Couldn't sleep 'cause on the real he had five kids
Live nig's, real niggaz express and taste it
At crap games, black dames and big faces
Cases in court, fam' showin' love and support
You and your baby's mom thought that love was a sport
As men we were taught to hold it in
That's why we don't know how 'til we're older men
If love is a place I'ma go again
At least now, now I know to go within
At time it can take ya for a spin
Heartbreak hotel then you're home again
I've seen love make a nigga soul pretend
Like a story that he don't want to end
[Verse 2]
It's all love where we come from
In the hood love we was told to run from
That same hood where the guns sung
We holla love, hopin' it would come one
Crack got so many lives undone
From lack of love many hide some run
I knew this girl with a son who dreamt of actin' in plays
Demonstration with her man had her trapped in a maze
Tryin' to find herself again, much of that she'd have gave
Love can free us, to it some of us react as a slave
Funny, we love 'em more when they're relaxed in a grave
Wonder if a thug is raw, is he actin' afraid?
Everybody loves sun, why do I attract shade?
Heard of the love of money, but compassion it pays
Talk about it with my youth so she'd understand
What it is to be loved by a man
[Verse 3]
Some say that I'm a dreamer 'cause I talk about it often
Seen the hardest nigga soften wit' his homie in a coffin
We walk and stand in, fall in it
With the right companion we all in it
Mary sang a song about it, having broad limits
In the game of life, it's the scrimage
Reminiscing on letters I wrote in my small days
A letter to the people, love always




After I did all this research, I found this site: Gotta love it!

~ Hip, Fly Love


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