Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How much sleep should we have?

Ok, so I am officially back in the habit of going to work, but I just can't seem to go to sleep earlier than 2am! That would be fine if I was in college or still on vacation, but I have to be up every day by 6:45am, so you know I am struggling. So the question is, "How much sleep should we have?".

And after a series of Google searches, it is clear that there is no "magic" number. Studies have shown that not only do different age groups need different amounts of sleep, but sleep needs are also individual. Just like any other characteristics you are born with, the amount of sleep you need to function best may be different for you than for someone who is of the same age and gender. While you may be at your absolute best sleeping seven hours a night, someone else may clearly need nine hours to have a happy, productive life. In fact, a 2005 study confirmed the fact that sleep needs vary across populations(Study:Sleep Foundation) I guess there is some truth to that because sometimes I can go to sleep at 5am and pop right up at 7am for work. Ohhhhh, but about 2pm, midday, I am just about ready to shut down like a dying cell phone battery. lol.

I come home and just about collapse on my bed. I sometimes manage enough strength to go to the gym or bake a cake, but soon there after, I am sprawled across my bed like a snow angel. lol. And then I am up for the night. It's an awful cycle, but hey, it's working for now.

On that note, I'm going to curl up in my feather bed palace. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about sleep. lol..

~Sleeping flyness

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