Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Fly 2 Be Number 2

When you go looking for something, you usually find it. Now, I won't go into too many details, but back in the day, in my insomniac moments I've had this 'feeling' about a certain situation. So being the little journalist that I am, I began to do a little Facebook/Myspace/Google research. And BAAAAAM! there it was. Lol. I had a hunch, and followed it. Now was I happy when I found it? NO! But am I happy that I followed that inner voice? Oh yeeeeeees!

Sometimes the most painful thing to do is to let go! We may start liking a guy who is TOTALLY the opposite of what we have asked God for. The more we get to know him, the more we realize that he is not the one. He smokes, he drinks, he lies, has a bunch of kids, no real job. Just all wrong. But guess what we do? Stay with the loser. Then you call yourself getting all attached. You just so happen to end up on one of his pages and see that another chic has left him a lovey dovey note! So of course you snap! But guess what, you know you're dead wrong right? You know that is not who God has for you, so why are you tripping?

We as Fly Girls need to understand our worth and what we deserve. Yeah it may get lonely, but don't settle, its a waste of effort (and bodily fluid) that belongs to your husband. So in your facebook/myspace stalking sessions, let him have that other lil" raggedy woman. Don't try to leave her a message to 'set things straight'. Who cares honey!? You know you deserve better. Yeah, he might be cute, but he ain't cute enough to be fighting no foot dragger over in the parking lot of Bankhead courts!! Lol.

Let me get off of here! I'm glad I was able to get this valuable info out to my 'friend'. Lord knows I, I mean she, needs to know all of this!!! Lol.

-2 Fly 2 Be 2nd


Diva said...

But what if he's not a loser. What if he is really a great guy and has everything in order and you see this type of foolishness. What then?

Her Flyness said...

That's when you fast and pray. He might be the total package,but God still isn't finished with him yet.