Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Easily Broken

Yea, I went to see Not Easily Broken by T.D. Jakes. Now, maybe I was sitting a little close to the screen (since we got there 10 minutes after it started and it was a black movie at a black theater, so it was packed) but I wasn't impressed. Now before you go telling me that you loved the movie and already have it on bootleg, I just didn't feel any fireworks from it. Now, did it have all the elements that I expected? Yes! Drama, comedy, spiritual quotes, and the fine piece off chocolate that is Morris Chestnut. The plot just left a lot to be desired. I swear I could have written this movie, play by play. Maybe I should become a screenwriter.

Now I will say this, it left a lot of things for me to ponder about in my own relationships and day to day interactions. I think the movie did a great job of trying to portray an average married couple coping with reality. Taraji did a pretty convincing job of a black woman focused on her career and creating the life that "looked" great. Besides Morris Chestnut being fine, his role as a husband was "ok" to me. He was understanding and supportive in the movie, but as a character, he didn't jump off the screen. Kevin Hart really saved the movie comically. As well as Niecy Nash. They both provided the crazy anecdotes for the film, thus evoking a sea of laughter from the audience. Jennifer Lewis placed an excellent role as a mother-in-law that's overly involved in a daughter's marriage. Her not looking all "diva-fied" help solidify her convincing role as an older, overly controlling mother. The other character, which weren't that memorable, were mediocre. I feel like I've seen this movie and this cast 1,000 times before.

Overall, the movie was a solid effort, but the earth didn't shatter for me. This movie was a great way to bring up conversations in many relationships whether it be friends, lovers, or marriages. It is important to know what a person's stand is concerning various situations. So I do applaud the movie for providing that. This movie is one that you probably would have to see for yourself (bootleg recommended if you're low on cash. lol). Only if you have the time and the money. Not really a must see like that. But hey, if you're not doing anything else, knock yourself out!
~ Fly, but not easily pleased

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ramsay michelle. said...

Well I am glad someone went to see it... and at least you support black art and films.

Thanks for the breakdown because I already wasn't feeling it. I guess I will wait till dvd?