Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who made that dress?

So, we all saw Michelle's Gown last night. At first I was like, "ehhhhhhhh, I don't know". But now, it has kinda grown on me. I'm on the fence about the dress itself, but the overall look was perfect for her. Now if the average First Lady would have put that on, it would have been a mess, ol' girl definitely held it down. And those arms were not playing with yhall. Michelle is working it out. She's definitely probably an "aggressor" ( You have to holla at for all that info) But, I digress.

Michelle has a great responsibility in the fashion world right now. While the nation is eating out of the palm of her hands, she has to carefully choose each outfit. No more throwing on a Harvard hoodie and some flip flops, Ms.Lady has to briiiiiiiiiing it every time. Good luck with that Michelle~!

Now, her dress designer was Jason Wu. He is a 20-something, former Barbie clothing designer that prides himself on knowing the female silhouette. He has effortlessly designed clothes for Ivanka Trump, Lisa Cant, and Amber Valletta. Wu's signature is creating hourglass dresses that encompasses the glamour of Old Hollywood and the class of royalty.
Check out his fashion special below, his stuff is kinda cute. This lil' dude is about to blow up. He doesn't even know it. The dress Michelle had on last night cost $3500. Now you know those prices are about to sky rocket! I might have to holla at me a little Asian boy. Let me stop, he probably doesn't even like women. Yeah, Im almost sure. lol..
Soooooooooo, did you like the dress? Let me know...


el, the high low life. said...

wow, I was wondering who made that dress. & i agree -- he is about to blow up whether he knows it or not.

Her Flyness said...

Yeah girl, some little Asian boy. He was nobody for real before January 20, 2009. It's a wraaaaaaaaaap now! lol..