Friday, October 1, 2010

The Power of Release

Now, this is a post that is a LIFETIME in the writing. *sigh* .....Release. The power of release is incredible. Whether it is releasing someone who has hurt or disappointed you, someone who has purposely broken your heart, a job that turned you down, or even totally surrendering something over to God. Releasing is another one of life's hidden weapons. A weapon that is necessary to utilize at one point or another.

As you know, my dad was a pastor of a church in Miami. Last year, he transferred pastoral duties over to the assistant pastor and his wife. It was cool with us because we felt God was taking our family to another level in ministry so it was no biggie. During that time, we would get random calls about what was going on down there and how things were now being handled and of course I was NOT happy. Being the 1st official member of the church, I took everything personal. Whether it was my battle or not, I felt personally offended when something happened with my parents or with the church. So when dad died, we had to go down to Miami rather frequently to make sure things were running according to the legacy dad left behind. Well, on Mother's day, we went to visit and took a life size portrait of my dad to put up in front of the church. We had to present it to the congregation and talk about him. Well, of course, I broke down in the pulpit and had to be escorted to the car. I didn't even eat. I could feel the negative vibes of the people and I began to go from sorrow to anger within seconds. I had to flee the building. I had come to the conclusion that I didn't want to come back to the church and didn't want to be bothered with any of it.

Well honey, you know our ways are not always God's. I was supposed to spend the weekend of September 10th with my boo for his birthday but that ended up being a FAIL (you know I was super pissed), so I ended up flying to Miami with my mom to preach on September 12th. Which also happened to be the 6 month mark of dad passing. Earlier during the week God gave me the word, "Release". Here I am thinking I'm giving a profound word for the other people in bible study and it was for me. God was telling me to release all the ought and ill feelings I had so He could use me. So we get to service that Sunday and we received the usual "We miss y'all.. Glad y'all came... We miss pastor.." Blah, blah, blah. But one person in particular had a lil' attitude with me. You know the old me would of shot her the bird right in service, but I had already released her and her ugly spirit before I got to the church. My mom grabbed the mic and began to praise God from a place of hurt and healing. One like never before. God told me, "GO SING". You know I was fighting it tooth and nail. Well, low and behold, I ended up RIGHT in the pulpit, singing 30 minutes straight about breakthrough and God turning it around. People began to run the aisles, began to cry out, began to get healed, began to praise God like never before. All because of my obedience to the spirit and total surrender. In the midst of my releasing the hurt and pain I've experienced, God began to release my gifts and a breakthrough on my behalf.

You see, the enemy wants you to be so caught up in frivolous moments and people that you miss your opportunity to be used as a vessel to bless others and even to bless yourself. If we sit back and find the moments when someone allegedly pissed us off, we will realized that it's not worth wasting another day fretting over. While we are so caught up being mad, they are going on with their lives.

I was watching Oprah the other day and Terry McMillan was talking about how she just had to get up one day and release all the bad things her ex-husband did to her. Oprah had to admit the same thing that a woman had pissed her off 20 years ago and she she saw her laughing it up on the street. She was like, "here I am mad this lady and she has completely moved on with her life. She probably doesn't even know I'm mad". And that's the truth.

The enemy tries to get you trapped in that moment of offense that you don't move forward while the other person is moving through life like nothing ever happened. I think about my ex who is getting married. He probably has no idea how I can still get pissed off about somethings from the past. Meanwhile, he's planning a wedding and mapping out his new life, while I'm praying daily not to slip into depression and despair. I had to let him and all my past issues go all long, long time ago. It's just not worth it to me.

The true power of release is just that, RELEASE! When you let things go, you activate something in heaven. How can you expect to receive anything when you are so full of other things. If you want God to bless you with that job or that man, you have to let go all those ill feelings that you have harbored against things of the past. The beauty of release is the total surrendering to God. He can move through you if you are totally willing to be used. Release all inhibitions will allow God to move mightily on your behalf. There are gifts in your that are merely waiting to be activated and used to change the world. You need only release all the ideals you once had and adapt to those of God.

I'll telling you what I know, the power of release is so incredible. You should try it today and get to what God really wants you to have.

Releasing so God can release,


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