Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When You're Off Track, You're Still On...

Whenever you're in Him will, you're never off track. From time to time I fall out of sync with my religious routine. Whether its a missed Sunday service, I forget to watch Joel Osteen one night, I may not write a blog post, or I may not call in to a prayer line. No matter how far off I may think I am off track, I'm still somewhat in line with what God wants for me.
When I finally get myself back in line, I walk into church and there is a message just for me. I turn on Joel Osteen, he is delivering a tailor made message. I write a blog post that provides healing for not only me, but many of the people I hold dear. And when it's prayer time, I am the one that delivers a prophetic word that encourages the people of God. Because I still have God's covering, no matter where I go, I am still on track. Despite what it may feel or look like.

You see, God has every single moment in our lives accounted for. The ups, the downs, the trials, the triumphs, the lonely nights, the mornings u wake up in tears, the nights where you're staring up at the ceiling. All of that. In the midst of my life's misstep or my sleepless nights I know its all somehow going to come together. I have to trust and believe that it's all bigger than this very moment.

I think about moments where I was literally living moment to moment, not knowing where I was going to work, where life would take me next, falling asleep with tear stained pillows, wandering aimlessly. Just existing. These were the moments where I grew closer to God. He was my only true hope. No my momma and daddy. Not my man. Not in a bottle. Not in a club. Not in my friends. The answer I sought could only come from God. In those moments, I had to fall on my face. Remember the old folks used to say, 'Baby, you just need a good fall on your face cry"? Well, I definitely have had my share of those moments. I was weak when I went down, but there was such relief when I rose again. The yearning for "what's next" could only be fulfilled by Him, and it was. When I was strengthened, I had a better appreciation for what I had and valued my journey.

Just recently a close friend of mine from high school messaged me to tell me she goes to my blog every time she gets on line and when she doesn't see any new posts, she is hungry for one. She went on to say that when I get back to writing, it seems that the message is specifically geared towards her situation. She said she could do nothing but cry after reading what I wrote. Even when I thought no one was reading my blog or that my messages were just for me, God always sent me people to confirm that my efforts were not in vain. More importantly, my obedience provided a breakthrough for some of God's other precious ones. I have been humbled to merely been used as a vessel for someone else. In the end, that's all that will matter. Who you have helped get closer to God and how obedient you have been on your quest to pursue your purpose.

Just like with your current situation. When you look back on this type of moment in your past, you can see God's handiwork just as clear as day. It took some time and reflection to see it, but it was there. God wants you to trust His judgement with this moment in your life like you always have. Its imperative that you let Him have it. Worry is not only the opposite of faith, but it can kill you. Don't let the enemy make you think you are not going to get your breakthrough. Many times, its the battle in the mind that's the greatest. God is just waiting for us to trust Him. Would you be willing to do that today? I think you should hold on to see what the end is going to be. This can't be it. You're story is NOT over. ( Believe me, I have to tell myself this OVER and OVER. My faith worked before, so it HAS to work now)

We have to be ever so careful to understand our purpose and know that He has our best interests at hand. We have to grasp the concept of reflection and appreciation. Reflect on what we've needed and how He's provided in the past. Every time it seemed like you were down to the wire, an unexplainable chain of events occurred. The grace necessary for that moment was granted. It was like money was being released from a hidden account just in the nick of time. Don't u think He can do that again? I do... As a matter of fact, He will.

Understand that the race is given to the one that endures until the end. Keep pushing, pressing, and persevering. Its not easy, but necessary. Know that you're not alone. Ever.
Even when I'm of, I'm on....

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