Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who's Going To Iron My Cape?

During my brief hiatus, my friends (and fans) were like, when are you going to blog again? What is up with you? Every time I went to the computer I drew blank. It was like I needed a jump start. What happens when the person who inspires needs inspiration? Then it lead me to the question of, "Who irons Super Woman's cape?".

Funny way to put it huh? But think about it, after Super woman and Super man get home, there was never anyone there telling them that everything was going to be ok, no one to inspire them to keep fighting crime, no one really to push them. I think about all the mega pastors, motivational speakers, and inspirational people in the world whose daily job is to motivate. How do they keep going? I mean, the answer may seem obvious, the bible, God, Jesus, His goodness, but sometimes you need something to push you ALL the way over the edge. You know what I mean right? I want to know what makes them wake up every morning to keep pressing towards the mark? What fuels them to excellence daily? The answer is simple, purpose.

( Going in a different direction huh? yup...) In my time of "silence", I really did some soul searching, "what is my purpose Lord? It's got to be bigger than this moment in time." And truth the the matter is, no matter how far you run, you will always operate in purpose. As I go through life, I always find myself talking to strangers, offering life advice, coming up with witty ideas, inspiring people that I have never met, you name it. Sometimes while searching for your purpose, you end up operating in it by default. Again, I go back to my dad. (sigh... I miss my teddy bear). He was a pastor for 27 years. When we moved to Atlanta, he didn't have to preach every Sunday, but honey, that didn't stop him from changing lives daily. I remember one day coming home and he was prophesying to a bill collector. Ended up calling out the lady's husband name out and told her she would be healed in her stomach. The lady dern near fell out on her job. All because my dad decided to operate in his gift regardless of the platform.

Many people say that what you do when no one is watching is deemed as your character. Can God trust you to change the lives around you just because? Are you willing to be in a place in your life where it is no longer about you? Do you feel that your purpose keeps you up at night? Are people drawn to you for no reason at all? You might have found your purpose. No matter what it is. Or maybe it has tracked you down and found you.

Back to my original question, "Who Irons Superwoman's cape"? The truth the matter is, that can be easy to determine in your own life, well, somewhat. I think it has a lot to do with the company you keep and the people you decide to pursue relationships with. You have to surround yourself with people who continuously remind you of your gifts and push you towards greatness. Of course you will probably do the same for them, but that's how it works. You have to find people with kindred spirits and are willing to be a blessing in your life.

Just last night,I posted 4 new entries and here I am thinking no one really reads this. Well, boy was I mistaken. One of my sisters in purpose was up all night in prayer needing an answer and found it in my blog. From me? It is always so incredible to be used as a vessel. No matter how many times it happens. Because of my obedience someone was able to get closer to God and closer to who God ordained them to be. You know they always say you're one person away from your breakthrough. You never know who God will use you as a conduit for. To be a blessing to one of God's chosen is enough for me. When you operate in the gifts God has given you, it doesn't really matter what kind of earth adoration and praise you receive. It makes God proud to see you operating in obedience. When you look back and see the lives transformed, it will all be worth it.

I think all in all, it is not easy to be one of God's chosen. You are held to a higher standard and you can't do what others do. But on the flip side, the favor and grace you are granted is like having a VIP card that not just anyone can obtain. Being on earth is merely temporary so we have to be wise with everything we do. God knew that this very moment you are in would exist. Isn't that amazing? He knew EVERY up and down you would experience. He also knew the victory dance you would doing at the finish line. Truth to the matter is, when you're on God's side, you really can't lose. You may have a tumultuous ride, but it's worth it in the end.

Regardless of who is ironing my cape, I'm all yours God.....



fab_E said...

So i've been a faithful reader for a little over a year (probably more). Don't remember how I found it but all I remember was thinking "thank you Lord finally someone not sugar-coating everything!" You have kept it so real (especially when it came to men *le sigh* thats a whole different story). But your posts have continued to encourage me in my walk, life etc. Somehow everything you talk about relates to something going on in my life which I know is just another way of God speaking to me. You're truly gifted. Thank you for being transparent and to share your experiences and what the Lord has revealed to you to strengthen and encourage me and all of your readers.

PS thank you for writing in style where i feel like I'm having a conversation and not someone lecturing me LOL. Keep writing...and I'll definitely keep reading! (Even re-read the old posts!)


N.Nicole from TotalLifeProsperityBlog said...

I rarely comment (but I'm going to start, as a blogger I know how important feedback is) but I read all of your posts (I've even linked a few) but they are always uplifting and encouraging. You are in your purpose. Keep it up.

Her Flyness said...

Ladies, I have no words. I just want to thank you for your support. This has been a HELL of a year, but I know God is moving steadily on my behalf ( for all of us). Writing is truly my healing. Sometimes I'm like, "No one is reading this," but somehow I keep pressing my way.

So blessed to have been a blessing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

~ Mel

ladiedeevah20 said...

Melissa, you've truly hit it on the head with this one because sometimes, well no, most of the time, I find myself feeling the say way. Giving advice to the person on my left, praying and believing for the person on my right. Being there for he person behind me and encouraging the person in front of me. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind doing these things because I understand that His uses us as vessels but there comes a point when I ask myself the same thing and wonder who's ironing my cape.
I want to thank God for delivering this message to and through you. This gave me that extra 'umph' to continue to wear my cape and allow his blessings & wisdom to flow to and through me for those around me.

Re-energized Superwoman,
Krystal M