Friday, October 1, 2010

Silence is Golden....

Lately I've been very quiet. Not just on here , but in general. Haven't really been talking on the phone much. Haven't really been tweeting like I usually do. Haven't even updating my status on Facebook as I normally do. I just wanted to be alone to figure somethings out. I realized that not only is silence golden, but it's priceless all the same.

During my moments of silence, I have been having numerous moments of self-discovery. I ask myself repeatedly, "What am I here for? God why have you given me another day to make it right?" The answer is always the same, "You will see." Being my anxious little self, my mind goes off wondering. God always urges me to be still and know that HE has it all under control. This is NOT the easiest thing to practice. Especially when you're always used to having the answers readily available.

When is the best time for your cell phone to charge? When you're not on it right? When it's laying dormant right? When a car is overheated and needs to cool off what are you suppose to do, cut it off right? When you're computer is acting up, you need to 'defrag' it and let it reboot right? Well, I think that should apply to us too. When you are in the midst of searching and redefining who you are in life, it's best to stay quiet and let God work you over.

In my quiet moments, I have truly perfected the art of listening. I listen to my own thoughts and the messages seem clearer. I can listen to what people say and not only hear their words, but actually hear what they are implying and what they truly mean. Most importantly, I can hear God clearer than ever. In the last 30-35 days, I have seen doors open that have once been closed. I have talked to people that I have written off. I have seen things happen that seemed like figments of my imagination. I have had vivid dreams that have revealed things that apply to my real life. From being silent, I have been able to understand life that much more.

My guy and I are so alike it's crazy. A few weeks ago he seemed very despondent. I was like, "babe, talk to me," he was like, "I don't have anything to say, I just want to be silent." Of course the human side of me wanted to catch a flight to Chicago and figure out what was REALLY going on. But I could hear God merely whisper, "Let him have his moment(s), he will be a better man after I am done speaking to him." And it hit me like a ton of bricks! Silence is not a moment where EVERYTHING is quiet, just you are. You can hear God much clearer if you just shut up! ( hate to put it that way, but it's true) If you're quiet, you can communicate more effectively because your words will be more calculated. People will value more of what you say because they know every word has been well thought out.

To me, silence is God's operating room. His time to work somethings out on your behalf. A few weeks ago, my mom taught a message on the power of words and how we can speak things into existence and even speak the demise of things. Just by speaking. You see, silence can be like a hidden weapon. When the enemy frustrates you, the first thing he wants you to do is to speak against what God has promised. If you're looking for a job and no one calls you he wants you to say, "I'm never going to have a job by October. God has forgotten me". Or if your waiting to be married or secure a solid relationship and it seems like it's never going to happen he wants you to say, "I'm never going to be married. Always a bride's maid, never a bride." You see, the enemy knows how powerful you are, I just wish you did! The mere words out of your mouth can make or break you. You must master the art of silence when faced with things that are opposite of what God has promised. If you can't seem to find the strength to speak positively into your situation, then SHUT UP! ( I mean that in the nicest way... lol) I'm serious though. You have to find a way to either say positive things to get you out of it or just be quiet.

The art of operating is silence is not easy, but every now and then you must activate it. I have heard God much clearer and I have seen things happen on my behalf that I know only He could of done. Sometimes it's best to stay out of it and let God do His thing. Besides, you wants better for you than God. He knows all that you need and want, let Him work it out. Stay silent for a few and watch what He will do.

In silent prayer.....


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