Friday, October 1, 2010

Leave It On the Alter and Find Something Else To Do

So this morning, I was preparing for my morning run, but of course I got sidetracked with cleaning my entire bathroom and straightening up the rest of my room. I was a little behind but I felt good about my morning work out. As I stepped out of my door, I found a pair of flip flops that I had been HUNTING for over the last 2 months. As it turns out, my mom dropped them off sometime during the morning. You know God revealed a lesson in something as small as this right? He showed me that as you're busying yourself with things on the inside, I am working them out on the the outside. Every thing you THOUGHT you needed will be right at the door of opportunity waiting on you!

-PAUSE- I will wait for the weight of that to hit you! Do you see what God revealed ? Let me restate it again (lol). God merely wants us to do what we can on our side while He works everything else out on our behalf. That is something else. (You know I'm over here crying already). God knows that we can't do it all. It was never His intent for us to walk this journey alone, that's why He sent Jesus. He knew we would get weak. He know we would want to throw in the towel. He knew we wouldn't want to be bothered. He knew we would get off track. He knew it all. He merely wants our hearts to be towards Him so He can do a great work for us. It's kind of like when you were little and your parents gave you an allowance each week. You wanted something that was WELL out of your budget, but you saved what you could. Your parents took what you had and added to it and you were able to get that special thing you wanted. That's how God is. He takes all your effort and faith bundled up and puts it towards your breakthrough. Even when it looks like you might not have enough, God adds to it so you can have all that your heart desires.

Let me go back to this flip-flop story. (stop These were my precious Haviana flip flops. I have been HUNTING for these things for like 2 months. I sent out text messages asking folks had they seen (or stolen) them. I turned every table and chair over in the house looking for them. I just kept coming up empty. So instead of fretting over them any longer,I released them into the atmosphere. (I know it seems silly, but follow me). Like these flip-flops, I have also fretted over sources of income, my relationship, what's next in my life, and the list goes on. God merely said, "If you've placed it on the alter, why do you keep coming back to get them?" I could do nothing but shake my head. It's true. I wake up in prayer and go to sleep in prayer about the SAME things. I know God heard me the first 50 million times, but in my mind, I'm thinking I will get a quicker answer if I keep badgering Him about it. BAM! Not true. lol. God answers things in HIS timing. More than ever I understand that now.

The moment I stopped looking for my flops, I found them. And when they were found, they were literally at my doorstep, in plain reach. There was no mistaking who they belonged to and who they were for. God revealed to me that this is how amybreakthrough will show up. It will be in plain sight and no mistaken identity. It will be DIRECTLY from Him to ME. -PAUSE- Do you see what God is saying? He is saying that He wants to send you a special delivery but you have to do some straightening up on your end. You see, all this time you thought it was something else holding up your breakthrough. It was really YOU. (me

Now wait, let me clear a few things up now. Just because God doesn't want you to fret over a job doesn't mean you stop applying. Just because God doesn't want you to fret over a relationship, doesn't mean you stop combing your hair and looking good. Just because God doesn't want you to fret over your next level doesn't mean you stop pursuing your dreams. God wants you to do everything on your side to push towards your destiny and He will fill in all the empty spaces. All He wants you to do is give 110% to see if you will be ready when the breakthrough comes. You must have the capacity to receive and maintain the next level.

So the next time you want to work yourself up over something that only God can do, STOP! Just stop dead in your tracks. Have a good laugh about it and look up to God. 9 times out of 10 He is looking back down like, "Look at -insert your name here-, he/she has no idea what tomorrow will hold. I have a blessing that he/she will not have room to receive. I can't wait to bless his/her socks off". Can you imagine that? Can you see God working on a tailor made breakthrough JUST for you? Well, if you can't, erase those thoughts of doubt right now! God can and WILL do that just for you. No matter what it looks like. Give it to Him and leave it there. I know I am. I'm done doing work that doesn't belong to me.

Taking it to the alter and finding something else to do,


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