Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fly Spotlight: M-Red Designs

Ok, so I don't often do this, but a lovely young man of God hit me up on Twitter and asked to be featured on my site. I said, "Hey, why not?" A young person following their dreams is pretty inspirational, it might wake something up in one of my readers. Please enjoy and be inspired my loves...

Stay Fly...


M-Red Designs is a clothing line that is centered around the art of fashion. This is the line that steps outside the box and add a touch of life to every piece of art work focusing on Urban/ Vintage Apparel.

At 12 years old, Mustafa Reddick started M-Red Designs. M-Red Designs uses creativity and loud colors to bring life into everyday wear. We have serviced many churches, youth groups, and social organizations. We create hand-painting, screen printing, air-brushing, and heat transfers items to wear and body art.

Seen on Neffe and Solo photo-shoot with DUDE and BStar. In addition, M-Red Designs is supported by V-103 Greg Street, Bishop Eddie L. Long, Yung Joc, John Gray, Edward Long, Comedian John Gray, and many entertainers.

M-Red Designs features in My Magazine 4 Girls, African American Lifestyle Magazine, Trendsetters 2 Trendsetters Magazine, 14th and Atlanta Talk Show, YGEA Awards 2010, 46 CBS Atlanta News, Mixx Masters Lounge Show, TBN, Gospel Channel, and more.

M-Red Designs was originally a hand-painting clothing line. Then introduced to airbrushing by an airbrush artist, Stan Zeigler, and taught to screen print by BStar and DUDE clothing. Now with other avenues this is a clothing line full of art and creativity.

What makes this line unique are grand hand painted imprints that are crafted exquisitely on every product we sell. We put a message in every piece, and creativity to it so no two will look the same. Our designs are apart of our line that will surely be around for generations to come. "People love to wear M-Red because they know it is one of a kind, fits the body just right, and makes them feel good," says recording artist Emi Morris.

M-Red Designs plans to become one of the best hand-painting/ screen printing lines because of our innovation and dedication behind our art. It is more than a drive, we have a passion for what we do; putting our heart and mind into the designs of every t-shirt making them please-able to everyone.

We are able to creative a professional t-shirt and use hand-painting skills to give it an abstract look, in that we are your #1 source for a creative design.

~M-Red Designs, 2010
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