Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He heals me through our Chocolate High

India.Arie.... Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics

Maaaaaan, i'm high. (Not like that you herb loving>I'm talking about my favorite songs on India Arie's new CD. I can't stop listening to Chocolate High and He Heals me.

In Chocolate High, she's featuring her former boo, Musiq, and they are equating love with being high on sweetness. It is beautiful and cute at the same time. I just love it. It has a sense of sensuality just the same. It is evident that India has found love again, or is pretty darn close to it.

Now, "He Heals Me", has to be one of the most profound songs I've heard in a while. She truly, truly captured what I am experiencing and what I have experienced. In this song, she is singing to a guy that is both her friend and her lover. He loves her for who she truly is, regardless of her mistake, secrets, and flaws. Homegirl WOOOOOOOOOOORKED it on this song. I bought the CD last night and fell asleep to it, so I was determined to listen to it today. I messed around and put it in on the way to work and I was in pure tears by the time I hit I-20. This song, this song, this song...... it is so beautiful. Truly. Makes you remember the 1st time you fell for that unexpected lover. What I loved about this song is that this man she sings about is someone who added to her life, who she was to be. This was not sexual, but spiritual. She says he's healed her insides. He listens to her music, and listens to her heart. Ohhh man! I'm bout to tear up again. She finally says she doesn't care whether he's there for a season, a lifetime, forever or just a year, she's just enjoying the moment that she is in.He's a beautiful man, but most of all, a beautiful friend! You have to go listen, download, buy, this song! For real!

I think the beauty of this song, is the journey of love, not just the destination. All the steps that lead to it. We often miss the journey, by being too focused on what's ahead. We have to take the time to look beside us to capture the person that we are sharing it with. Love is a beautiful thing. And it's nothing like beautiful that captures all these emotions...
Oh, the rest of the CD is pretty good too. But honestly, I love this song and the interludes the

I think I'm ready to embrace my healing, I hope he knows it...... iPod remains on repeat...

~Music Makes Me Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Shaz said...

WOW!! After reading your review of Chocolate High, I'm going to pick up the CD.

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