Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy in Purpose...

I was in a staff meeting today and I looked at the date. I was like, where has the month of February gone???! It seems like I was JUST sitting in New Year's service at church and now we are dern near celebrating St.Patrick's Day. This is crazy! And I hear God say, "Time flies when you are busy in purpose."

That totally caught me off guard, but that is what God wants us to do. We are to live each day on purpose and in purpose. Now, don't get me wrong there will be days where you wish tomorrow would just hurry up and come, but we have to make an effort to get all the life out of each day. Whether we know exactly what we want to be or where we want to go, we need to constantly move forward. If we fall, keep it moving. It we stumble, keep it moving. If we feel hesitant, keep it moving.

When we are busy in purpose, small things that get us off track have no room for center stage. They are merely moments for growth and learning, but they should only energize our purpose and propel us to the next realm of excellence. Now, I am a living witness that disappointment can get the best of a person. But I have come to realize they are nothing less than distraction. Some things are so trivial in retrospect. Just when you think you're doing so great, the enemy finds the simplest thing to get you off track. It is in this moment you pray for guidance.

Distractions, obstacles, and adversity are good signs that you are on a verge of a breakthrough or in a pivotal moment in your journey. Learn from them and keep moving towards the assigned mark. God said in His word that there would be ups and downs. He's already prepared us for such. He has also promised us peace and prosperity, so it all comes hand in hand.

So no matter how life may seems to be flying by, just stay busy in purpose and each day will count more than the day before.

~Fly Busy Body


Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Love your blog and guess what we are learning about purpose at my ladies biblestudy class we are doing the study of Esther, a Beth Moore study. Have a blessed day.

Phenomenal Aquarius said...

Awesome...well written!