Monday, February 23, 2009

Fly Guy : Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry has done it! “Madea Goes to Jail” was the number 1 film in U.S. and Canadian theaters over the weekend, opening with $41.1 million in sales. Now tell me God ain't GOOOOOOD! lol...

Now, being a member of his same church, Changing a Generation, formally known as Greater St.Stephens, where Bishop Paul S. Morton is the pastor, I have seen Mr. Perry on several occasions. In the time that I have been in his presence, he seemed to have truly been in the midst of battle. Whether it has been internally or with the people around him. Regardless of what he was wrestling with, he made it a point to never stop writing and dreaming. He is truly an example of God's faithfulness! When he spoke at the church, he literally broke down in front of all the people, telling of how all he has is God. His childhood was not the best, his family life wasn't conducive to growth, and he thought his life didn't have much hope. Ohhhhh, but GOD knew! He spoke of a time where he once was so broken and so lost, he didn't know how he was going to make it out. He sought God's face and listened to His words.

No matter how many obstacles he was faced with, he was determined to believe the promises that God revealed to him. Whenever there was a closed door or a "no", he worked even harder. His perseverance and faith have catapulted him to a place where very few African Americans have been, at the top! Not only is he at the top, but he has done so without the help of a lot of people. Now don't get me wrong, he has his select few that he professionally sticks with, but he has had to deal with so many "nay-sayers" that is a miracle that he is still standing.

Seeing Mr. Perry's success shows me that God can and will always be faithful to those that believe. In the midst of a storm, believe. When people tell you no, believe. When you have been denied, believe. When all odds are against you, believe.

And this weekend, enough folks believed in Mr. Perry and gave him double for his trouble. "Madea Goes to Jail,” , is his fourth to debut at first place in the box office and his biggest opening weekend ($41 million!) . In 2005, he made $21.9 million during the opening weekend with “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. Now tell me God wasn't showing off! In total, he has grossed $320.3 million with Lion Gates Films. Not to mention how much his plays have grossed!

Now if Mr. Perry had not of pushed forward and believed in what God told him, he would not of been able to bless so many others with his messages of faith, family, hope, and belief. There are many critics that may not think his plays/movies are that great, but it is indeed a ministry. And when God places a ministry in a man, then He will make provisions for it. No matter what Mr. Perry faced, he has triumphed and showed that God can make anyone who believes VICTORIOUS!

I can't say it enough how God is! Ok, let me go type up this movie review so you all can go see it! lol

~Fly Adoration

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