Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Review: Madea Goes to Jail

Yes, I went to see it, on opening night at a predominately Black theater. lol. You know the real comedy was going on in the audience. Between the church folk, the new parents, those "booed" up, and even those on the late night creep, we all joined together to support good ol' Tyler Perry!

Now, at first, I was like, I really hope this is better than Meet The Browns and Daddy's Little Girls. I am an avid Tyler supporter, but those 2 were not that great. Boy was I wrong. I think America was having Madea withdrawals over the past few films, but honey, Tyler gave us all an overdose of our favorite 6'5 matriarch in drag! lol.

The film was centered around Madea and her wildly lovable behavior. She reminds everyone of someone in their family, church, or community. I swear, she gave a gut busting performance at every turn!

My favoirte comedic scene was when Madea decided to leave the house on a suspended license and head to Kmart. Madea is riding through the parking lot and this quirky white lady in a little red sports car decides to zoom in front of Madea to get a parking spot. You know Madea went off right?! Madea tells the lady she is going to move her car and low and behold, she does. With a forklift! lol. Too hilarious. Consequently, the lady's husband was a police officer and they go to Madea's house to take her tail BACK to jail, where she is sentenced by Judge Mathis! She didn't go to jail without a fight, literally. She gave those officers a run for their money. All 6'5 of her (him) in a house dress rumbling and tumbling was too funny!

The concurrent storyline features a young buddy Assistant District Attorney, Derek Luke who is engaged to this Mulatto chick. I didn't bother to look up her name because I didn't like the way she did Derek ( Yea, I am totally biased! lol). He runs into an old childhood friend, Keisha Knight Pulliam, who is now living on the streets and turning tricks. This storyline of redemption turns into a lightweight love story, so you know I was all in! lol. I love the on screen chemistry they had, it was so believable. Keisha truly tried to break out of the Rudy Huxtable that we all knew. But she still rocked a remarkable white smile and gorgeous locks. (Couldn't help but to throw that in) .

Then Madea gooooooooooes to jail, hence the title. This is where the 2 story lines collide. Of course, Madea and Keisha were in the same area in jail. Madea becomes her surrogate guardian, keeping folks off of her and make a cute comical pair.

My absolute favorite part of the film was the scene where Derek Luke broke down. I won't give it all away, but that chocolate delight all emotional did something to me. (Not like that y' To see a Black man show such intensity with his emotion was absolutely breathtaking. He did that!

Overall, the movie was chicken soup for the soul. More like mac-n-cheese, cabbage, and fried chicken for the soul. lol. It was filled with a gamut of emotion and certainly was worth seeing on opening night. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is down and needs a good laugh. You will literally laugh out loud.

Go support Tyler, you will just love it!

~ Fly laughter....


Phenomenal Aquarius said...

I went to see the movie on Saturday. It was hilarious! To have both story lines running concurently and come together at the end was genious. I have to agree the fiancee' was irrelavant. Her friend/co-worker was annoying. She had an attitude for no reason. Great review!

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

definitely a go see!! i cant wait!

gerlirom said...

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gerlirom said...

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