Monday, February 16, 2009

God Knows the Bigger Picture

Often times, God reveals to us our purpose through snapshots and glimpses, and reveals it over time. In doing so, He wants us to know that there is a "bigger picture". The crazy thing is, we want to see more. But only time will reveal that to us.

In the meantime, we get caught up in obstacles and stumbling blocks along the way that begin to cloud our vision. We lose site of what God showed us. We can't look at our current snap shot and think it's the final picture, because it's not. Everything we experience in our lives is a part of our fabric. Whether these experiences are ones that we choose to forget or cherish forever, they make us who we are.

In our quest to find purpose and walk in it, don't focus too much on trying to figure out tomorrow until we have mastered today. I say this because we miss a lot of great opportunities to grow, love, and to become a better person.

Ultimately, God knows the bigger picture. So continue to cherish the "snap shots" of your destiny that God revelas and strive towards who you are to be!

~Fly Expectations


Alycia's Hot Spot! said...

Thanks for this post. It is a reminder to me to cherish each moment and trust God. Again thanks!

SFergi said...

Loving your blog! Thank you for these great words.