Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes I Wish I Could See What He Sees

Have you have wondered why God loves us so much? What He wants us to do? What He sees for our future? Well, I have. Often times I sit back and wonder, "Lord, what is it that you see in me?". I'm not perfect, I don't always do what I should, I don't know if I am where I want you to be. All of these thoughts go through my mind. But just as clear as day, God says, " I see Me in you." Even when you think you're not doing what you should, or who I want you to be, it's ok. You have been created in my image. So when I see you, I see Me.

No matter how life seems to take you off course or through ups and downs, God says, look for me. Even when you have had the worst day ever. God says, "Look for me". When you're let down, when you're heart is broken, when you don't know what to do, God says, "Look for me". He says, " I am the way, the truth ,and the light. "

I really wasn't going to post anything today because I was feeling a little less than fabulous, but somehow, I always find my healing through ministering to other people. Then I log off and read it myself. lol. I know, I know, kinda silly. But that's how God is. He created us, let us have free will in the earth, and He left it up to us to find our way back. That's how good God is. He knows that we may fall short, He knows that we may have disappointing moments, but He reminds us, that He's in charge.

So, in my "less than fab" state, I still know that ultimately God has the first and the last say in any situation. Nothing is ever too big or too small for Him. Take it to the altar and leave it there.

~Flyness and Blessings...