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Happy V-Day: 10 Fun Ways to Say I Love You

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Creative Valentine's Day Gifts
10 Fun Ways to Say I Love You
© Erica Arnold
Jan 6, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Crafts

Coupon book: An oldy but a goody. Who can say how long the coupon book has been around, but it needs an upgrade. Gone are the days of the “take out the trash” coupon or “do the dishes” coupon. Now it’s time for “a back rub after a long day’s work” or “win the next disagreement.” No matter how nice or naughty the coupons they are sure to be greatly appreciated.

Love letters/poem: Send a love letter or poem from a famous author every day starting February 1, then on Valentine’s Day present an original love letter or poem. Use nice stationary and after Valentine’s Day get the pages bound together so it can be a keepsake.

Go somewhere fun like an ice skating rink or a great museum and then at the end of the night give a gift to commemorate the event. The gift can be something made or bought from a gift shop.

Make a scrapbook page with pictures of a special event or fun day from the past and frame it.
Valentine's Day Gifts that Last All Day

Cater to you: Set up the whole day to cater to the other person. TiVo or DVR their favorite shows, cook their favorite meals, run a bath and give them a massage. Be sure they don’t lift a finger for their special day.

Spa day: Buy bath salts, or milk bath, candles, massage oil, pedicure products, etc., from the drug store and set up a spa at home. Invite the lucky lady or guy over and pamper them.
Valentine's Day Gifts for Couples to Enjoy Together

Make chocolate candy together: An Occasional Chocolate has everything needed to make delectable chocolates similar to those found in stores at home for less. After the candy is made enjoy it together.

Take a couple’s cooking class: Local community colleges, culinary schools, and even some grocery stores have cooking classes. FYI, these classes fill up fast.

Give a nice bottle of alcohol and enjoy it that night over a great meal.

Weekend get-a-way to a bed and breakfast: Plan a “get-a-way” to a bed and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts offer a different experience than a hotel room and aren’t very far away. Many times they offer home cooked or gourmet meals and are located in areas where there are lots of things to do.

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