Friday, February 20, 2009

Chris Did This? Say it ain't so.......

I really have no words for this. It is just too early in the morning to get in to it. I will say this, we need to pray. Like, for real. This is just too much! This looks like a picture from the morgue and it is very, very saddening. Look at this girl's face. This is unbelievable!
We have to learn to control ourselves no matter what! It doesn't matter who started this argument, but this is what the results look like. I mean, was it that serious? And you know they are saying she is still texting and calling him. Now they are going to turn into Romeo and Juliet on us. I really, really pray that they don't anything crazy. I am not going to even write what I am thinking because there is power of life and death in the tongue and I am not going to give the enemy any room.
This is young love at its best, gone totally wrong. Rhianna took a bit of a turn when she started to do all that dark music and wearing dominatrix outfits. It was like a spirit began to take life in her. And you know when you have sex with someone, you take on their spirit as well. (I will definitely post a blog on this later) Lord, this is a mess.
Overall, I just pray that they learn from this season and that it passes over them. God is a God of more chances that we can think of. But it is from the point of forgiveness that we must move forward.
Didn't I say I wasn't going to get into this... lol..
Talk to you all later..
~In Fly Prayer


Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses Inc. said...

I saw this pic last night and immediately my eyes filled with tears! It was so disturbing to think of how cruel people can be! I too had to stop myself from saying mean things out the mouth about that coward (oops) lol. So I've just been praying for her, today is also her Birthday (even sadder). Interesting things in your post here, I can't help but to agree....I know how it is to be influenced by your companion, sad it had to turn out like this. Wow!

KidNice said...

omg wtf??
didn't knew it was that bad...

Cezzanne's Daughter said...

I was very shocked when I saw this photos. From the looks of it, this was probably not the first time he put his hands on her.