Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Testimony Holds The Key To Your Power

I was in church today listening to a message that really didn't put much fire under me. The elder has much revelation but her message it didn't possess that 'umph' that compelled folks to run to the alter like usual. She went through her whole message and it felt like she was holding back. She went back to her seat and came back to reveal her testimony and the church began to rock with praise. Her testimony possessed the power to push everyone to the next level. Then BAM!..the message hit us all.

You see, God allows you to go through life to experience things to minister to others. Now I know you don't want to hear that because neither did I. Lol. But honestly, when I share my testimony with others, people are totally encouraged and transformed. I'm like' what's the big deal', but they are like 'don't you see what God did for you? I know He can do the same for me'. I'm always left speechless and/or in tears. Man! God can use even me to be a blessing? How? Not lil 5'3 me. But yes, He can and DOES every single day.

I look back over the year I have had and how God has pressed greatness out of me. Above and beyond I could ever think. More than I could have imagined. When I tell my story now, people are captivated and encouraged. Not by my doing, but by God. He knew He would ultimately get the glory.

Think about your favorite artist or celebrity. You are drawn by their talent, but you are connected by their testimony because you can identify with them. Whether its drug abuse, molestation, dark secrets, marital issues, loss of family member, you name it, you find your way somehow connected. One of my favorite singers right now is Jennifer Hudson. Her tremendous loss felt like my own. I grieved for her like she was my BFF or even my sister. To watch how God lifted her up in her darkest hour encourages me everyday. God shows me it could be worse and that if I hold on, it can get better. Nothing is above being over turned by God. He's capable of doing it all. Trust me.
I say all of this to say that your testimony holds the key to your power. You wonder why so many ministers are able to rock the church with merely the murmuring of a few words or how a gospel singer can grab the mic and have folk falling out all over the building, it's because of their testimony. When you are enduring life's trials, you are forced to be face to face with God. God wants you to rely solely on Him. He yearns to give you lief changing encounters. When you are at your lowest, God can raise you up. When you get back up, you will possess a power like never before. Your faith will be renewed and you will be able to instill hope into others. Trust and know that your right now is not your forever. For God's grace is sufficient, even through your life's hardest trials
Allow God to keep working through you to help others. You are merely a conduit for someone's breakthrough. At the same time, someone is manifesting a breakthrough just for you. Even as I type this and you read it, God is breaking down strongholds for the both of us. I am standing in the gap believing that God will do just what He promised. The story has yet to be told. Keep holding on. Please. Just see what God is going to do. Your testimony holds the key to not only your breakthrough and power, but might just ignite the flame in someone else. Let Him use you.
Allowing my tests to manifests into testimonies to reveal my true power!

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