Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving in Confidence

Yeah, I've been on another "break" I know, I know.... lol... But I always come back stronger so journey with me for a moment will you....

Over the past month, I have experienced SO much. From financial battles & triumphs, family issues, relationship growth, travels, miracles, you name it! In all that I've been through, I have seen God's hand like never before.

Financially, this has been the most liberating and testing time of my life. I have had to trust God every step of the way while moving in confidence and in faith. When I left my job, I had no real plan ahead, I just knew I had to move in obedience and I had to move swiftly. Never would I have known that my father would pass shortly after that. Or that I would have to help my mother keep both households together in 2 states. Or that I would go on over 15 trips in a 5 month period. Or that I would be the spiritual backbone for my family. Or that I would find a way to financially support myself and not have a traditional 9-5. I have had to stand confidently in what God told me to do.

Just recently I reached my 6 month mark of unemployment and you know I was about to jump off a 1 story building.. lol. I was like "WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT!!? God what am I going to do?"I had to calm myself down immediately. But I kept hearing God say,"Trust me". I had an erie calm come over me. I called the main office and asked why it had been suspended and they told me that the state's resources had been exhausted until Congress decided otherwise. So for 3 weeks I lived as though I had money coming in, I chose not to focus on the unknown. Instead of being depressed and living like someone who didn't believe God, I got to work in the spirit realm. I literally had to be picked up off the floor from praying and crying. As I began to go boldly before the throne, declaring that God give me a 24 hour turnaround, I felt a shift in the atmosphere. Breakthrough had occurred. When I woke up the next morning, I had ALL my back pay of money and a little extra in my account.

You see, as my back was up against the wall, I didn't fret, I didn't curse God, I didn't get upset. I prayed and cried. Then cried and prayed. I knew God was up to something, I just had to press my way out of it. He literally showed up in the midnight hour and delivered me.

For the past month, my mother, my sisters, Godmother, cousin and I have been having weekly bible study. With my parents being pastors we have lived and breathed church, but God said what we did in the past is not all that we will do. There is still work to be done. So my mom got in her spirit that she was supposed to start a women's group amongst us and then open it up to others. The moment she was obedient to this task, God began to break strongholds and fight battles that we have long been struggling with.

We have had to stand confidently in what God has promised us. Confidence is not fearing the unknown, it's looking it right in the face and knowing that God is more than able. Confidence is knowing that He will do just what He said he would do. Confidence is knowing that he will do it, helps us remember that He did do it, and understand that He will do it.

I think over the past month, I have gotten even closer to God. Not just because I needed "stuff" but because I needed the comfort in knowing that everything will be ok. Knowing that someone had my back and loved me unconditionally. I am so strengthened to know that my story has yet to be told.

I leave this scripture with you from Hebrews 10:35-36- "So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He promised."

(*insert shout here* This is SUCH a powerful word!)

I am confident that the best is yet to come and I'm waiting for it.

Confidently speaking,


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