Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't You Dare Shut Up!

This has been one heck of a year. I think of all these past 8months has encompassed and I'm simply overwhelmed. Job, house, dad dying,financial roller coasters, family breakdowns, you name it, I've been through it. I didn't know I was built Ford tough until I had to drive through such uneven terrain called life. Through every situation I have had to SPEAK my way out. I have literally had to go directly to the Word, recall what God did, and SPEAK it over my situation. Eventually, change came. I realized that the ultimate goal of the enemy is to make us SHUT UP! And honey, I have been yapping ever since. (lol)

When I was little, there was no bigger curse word than 'shut up'. I can vividly remember sneaking to say it to my little sister when my mom wasn't looking. Mo would say, "Oooooooh, she said shuuut uuuuup'. I would get a good talking to and possibly a time-out. Saying 'shut up' was a major no-no. Now, as an adult, it's still a curse word. With God granting us the power of life and death merely through our tongue, wouldn't you think it was detrimental to shut up? Well if you don't, the devil surely does. He wants to do everything in his power to keep our mouths shut. He knows that we can move mountains, raise people from their sick beds, turn job situations around, restore relationships, and even shift the tides of change, with just our words. All of this with speaking? Yes, all of that and more.

If you go back through the Word, every great leader has had to seek God's face to get the right words and all they had to do was SPEAK over their situation. The very first book of the bible is a prime example, "Let there be light". BAM! There it was...light! He didn't say 'Let thouest flipeth a switch', He merely spoke light into existence and there it was. That's just how powerful words are. God loved us so much, He equipped us with those very same abilities. The problem is, we see the outline of trouble and immediately shut up. Instead raising the volume on our confessions, we cut the mic off all together.

We CAN NOT do that. That's all a trick of the enemy. He knows that God has given us that power and He's so afraid of it. I can remember numerous times this year where I would do nothing but cry myself to sleep. I wouldn't say my nightly prayers, I wouldn't do my confessions, I didn't speak things into the atmosphere. I just went to sleep. I didn't care what happened. Honey, I was such a fool to believe that. My mom said, "No ma'am, don't you shut up! You're gonna have to speak us out of this. God hears you, you better speak it!!" The moment I did, the situation began to shift overnight. Because I went back to speaking. I wasn't shutting up.
Stop everything you're doing right now and write down 3 things that you need God to move on. Once you write them, visualize them being done. Then begin to SPEAK the desired outcome. Do this until the change comes. Now, this is no magic spell or secret, this is an age old practice that people have been doing since the bible days. If you want something to change, you have to change the way you battle them. That's the bottom line. God hears you and will move on your behalf, but you have to believe it 100%.
I urge you today to keep believing and to keep speaking your way out of your situation. Don't let the enemy shut you up. You have to power to move mountains. Try God today!
Continuing to speak my way out of my right now,

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