Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pain is not to hurt, but to sustain.......

Well, how do I start this one off? I guess I will get right into it. I was talking to one of my guy friends about relationships and how our past "loves" have taken us through the emotional wringer. When I hung up the phone and got by myself I begin to think about all the attempts at love and all that the relationships that I just KNEW would lead to true bliss. But honey, I ended up being hurt just the same.

The interesting thing God began to show me was that that very pain acted as a cocoon for my heart. After sustaining my first heart break, God allowed my eyes to be opened to new perspectives, new understandings, and overall, a new me. God allowed me to grow through pain. I actually came out stronger. Even when I thought I would buckle and not be able to get back up and try it again, God rose me up to become a better woman.

He used my pain to sustain me. Now, when I say this, I mean that God allowed me to experience certain heartaches and disappointments to make me better. Think about it. After the dust cleared from that broken relationship, you came out a different person. Whether it as denying him that late night "come over", refusing his phone calls, not texting them back, refusing out of town trips, all of that. Once you gained the strength to deny them, you now then acquired a level of restraint that you once did not possess.

Its amazing how you have to cut things loose in order to grow. That is true with cultivating a plant, allowing your hair to grow, and even in downsizing a company. Letting go should not always be viewed as a major lost, but instead as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and to abound higher than before.

Again, looking back at where God has brought me from, I know that he has kept me. The pain that I may have experienced only set me up for an awesome future in love. Because I have become better, stronger, and wiser from the past, I will be ready for what God has in store for the next level in my life.

Loving through my pain and knowing I'm better from it,


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