Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Can See Better In The Dark

Since getting back from my travels, I have been trying to get the house back in some sort of order. I've cleaned up from top to bottom. In the kitchen, everything is made from real wood and marble, so I have to use a separate set of cleaners. As soon as I thought I was done scrubbing, I sat down at the breakfast table, only to find a hideous water mark. I cut on all the lights and wiped it down and was on my way. Then my mom tells me, "cut the lights OFF, and you will be able to see better." I was like, "huh? that makes no sense." But I did and I was able to see all that I needed to see in order to clean the table properly. A natural light came in the room and my eyes began to adjust. It's crazy, but I could actually see better in the dark.

Now, at first you might be like, "seeing better in the dark, Melissa where are you going with this?", but trust me , it makes all the sense in the world. In the natural, we cut the lights off and we are initially blinded, everything is blacked out, but then within moments, our eyes adjust and we begin to see as if the lights were on slightly. It's like God turns on night vision for us. The same applies to life's darkest moments. When we initially can't see what's next or how to get out of a situation, but somehow God gives us the ability to see.

I look back over my life's darkest situations and I know it was God that got me through, just no other way. I always go back to the recent loss of my dad and how I didn't think I would be able to function ever again. Somehow, my vision became clearer during the process. I got closer to seeing my destiny, I saw who was truly in my corner, and I could actually see where God wanted me to be. It's like I received a supernatural gift of sight in the spirit. In my darkest periods of life, God allowed my spiritual eye to have keen vision and understanding. It was not only for me to know what He wanted for me, but to see it.

You see, God allows dark moments in our lives not to destroy us, but to strengthen us. Think back at all the moments in your life where you felt all alone and hopeless, who did you have to pull on? Who was your only hope? How were you able to "see" your way out? God right? Yes, it was Him. That's the thing, God has already seen your low,dark moments but He has already seen you in victory, triumphing over your life's adversities. Sounds like someone that has the inside tip huh? Someone you truly need to keep in your corner.

As you go through life experiencing ups and downs, don't lose hope and feel like you're in the dark, trust God to see your way out and wait for Him to send you some supernatural help. Not only can He do it, but He WILL. We need only trust in Him. Know that even in your darkest moments, you will be able to see the greatest. It's all about perspective and trusting God. That's all we can do.

Seeing in the midst of darkness,


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