Thursday, July 8, 2010

Don't Forget to Remember

Well, today is July 8, 2010, which would have been my father's 54th birthday. Needless to say that today was a little rough, initially, but I got through it. I think the comfort in knowing that my father was such a good man helps me daily. Knowing that he lived his life helping others and living life to the fullest, is pushing me to do the same. Days like this force me to remember and that's something that I vow never to forget to do.

So many times we go through life living in fast forward. Living for the day, not remembering where we've come from, what God has delivered us from and who we once were. We forget to remember. We forget those moments that have shaped us, those defining moments that were instrumental to who we have become, those moments that are forever in our hearts and minds.

Initially, I wanted to spend the day crying about missing my daddy and all the things I wanted to do, but God just wouldn't let me. I felt him all day. I could hear dad saying it was going to be ok and that I had all I needed to move forward in life. That's the thing about memories, they are more than moments in time, they are moments that create who we are today. When we tap into those moments from the past, those good moments, it's like an energy recharge. Wonderful feelings come rushing back in.

I know that I have to release my dad spiritually to the Heavens, but I will forever have him in my heart. All the teachings about being a dynamic woman of God, a wonderful wife, and an individual will forever resonate in my heart and mind. Days like today make me realize my memories are so rich that I have everything I need for the future. When I cry, it is not out of sadness, but out of celebration. Celebrating the memories that I was blessed with, as well the hope I have for the future.

I won't forget to remember all that I've had because I know it will prepare me for all that I will have :O)

Never forgetting to remember,


Here is a video of my dad last year saying Happy Birthday to himself. Speechless every time I watch it.....

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