Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rundown...

Ok everyone, I am back.... Gotta catch you all up..

On little ol' me:
  • Church was outstanding~! I still have my crush on PJ. Worship was incredible and the word was filling. Bishop Morton talked about Hosea and the unfinished (half baked) cake and how we as saints need to be fully converted and "cooked" on the inside and out!
  • Got J. Holiday new CD- it's growing on me, not necessarily a classic, but good nonetheless
  • Dream's CD is, ummmmmm, "aight", I have to listen to it more
  • Has anyone heard of Terrell Carter? He's been in Tyler Perry's Movie/Plays. He's on India's new CD too. Look him up, create voice, great lyrics!
  • I recorded a song with a friend of mine and it's incredible! I might actually have a future in singing and writing! I really just want to be behind the scenes.
  • Went to Miami with my girls and I realized that I'm over the club scene and travelling with no purpose. I love my girls and line sisters, but it's time for more "boo" trips and less "girls" trips.. lol
  • My flight was delayed for 8hrs because of "high winds". Stuck in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, but, guess what, I was stuck with a guy!!!!!! Turns out, we know ALL of the same people, have a lot in common, and guess what our seat assignments were on the plane? Yup, next to each other. I don't know what God is doing, but I think I like
  • I attended "Abstinence Day on the Hill" in Washington, D.C. with 5 of my students. It was a mess. Please remind me why I work with kids and sex. Hard job, but somebody's gotta do it. The day went splendid! We got a 45 minute meeting with Congressman John Lewis and he thought our kids were outstanding. Now we have tickled his fancy and he's thinking about supporting abstinence funding. Favor ain't fair y'all!! lol
  • I got 2 new pair of kicks: Lime green, high top pumas, and some high top, pink and green Adidas! If you know me, I was totally not into sneakers like this. I moved to the A, started working with these kids and it was a wrap! lol
  • Speaking of Pink and Green, it's been almost 5yrs since I became an AKA! Remarkable!!
  • Soooooooooooo proud of little my sis!
  • Lost a few more pounds, but now I need more jeans
  • Target came out with a new line of HUGE jewelry, that I am anxiously awaiting to be marked down. lol
  • Got ANOTHER Blackberry!
  • Decided to go natural. Pray for my roots and this weather everyone!!!
  • I confirmed my appointment with Miya Bailey... look him up everyone~!
  • Oh... The new guy I met..... he's great! Details to come (fingers crossed!!!!)
  • Yup.....Going on another fast until Easter. So much clarity and direction needed!

Ok, that's enough about me....

In Hollyweird:

  • Chris and Rhianna.... puke! They make me sick. Meanwhile, we are holding a candlelight vigil in her honor and this heifer is somewhere "booed" up with her "attacker". I'm over the whole situation. Good luck with that boo!

  • Kanye is parading around with a stripper/prostitute/lesbian. The boy is so lost. She looks great in high fashion stuff, but can she honestly raise a family 'Ye? I'm just saying. I pray for his strength. His mom died right before my grandmother did. I mourned for him. He's been all over the place since then. Poor fella is a mess!

  • Bebe Winans "allegedly" assaulted his ex-wife. He was married? Who knew. God forgive me, but he has been a little light in the behind lfor a minute!! lol

  • Christina Milian and The Dream... who cares...

  • The brawl at the America's Next Top Model? For real? All those heifers in heels running, I'm sure that footage is priceless. lol

  • Can't wait to hear Keri Hilson's new album

  • Anyone watch The Game on Friday? I am so tired of Derwin doing what the hell he wants. Melanie deserves so much more. Granted he is fine, it is getting to be a bit much with all the baby mama drama!

I think that's it for now.....

Let me get busy with these posts, wait, I do have to work y'all... oh well.... lol


--Mrs.Christina said...

I thought I was the only person getting tired of Derwin with his funny-looking self. I still think Mel should have gotten with Trey Wiggs, lol.

Good luck on you natural journey!

Anonymous said...

I love Terrell Carter. I've been waiting on his CD for some years now. Don't sleep on Terrell C.

LOL! Great rundown.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Hi Soror!!

I just found your blog...very cute!