Friday, March 20, 2009

Loving Flaws and All........

Don't get so caught up in what you feel you don't have that you overlook
what you do have.
~ Me

Ok, I have been guilty of this time and time again. But have you ever woke up one morning and realized that you had a HUGE zit on your face? Yeah, you have. You pick at it, you put astringent on it, you look at your compact all day. Complete "stress mode". Now mind you, you just got your eyebrows down, your hair looks great, and you have on some great new pumps, but you are so focused on this awful zit, that you can't even recognize your own fabulosity. So throughout the day, you are convinced that everyone is staring at this zit and you are having a complete mental breakdown. So one of your cute co-workers comes up to you and says, "Hey, you look nice today," and gives you his winning smile. Instead of you saying "thank you", you're like, "With this huge zit, I know you can't be talking to me." He simply replies, " I didn't even notice that, and I still can barely see it."

You see, that's how God is. He sees us in all our greatness and glory. He doesn't see our minor flaws and sins, He sees the purpose He has placed in us and all the wonderful things that He has in store. We get so caught up in our sins and our past, that we feel God can't use us or make us great even in our lowest moment. But guess what? He can. There are so many great men and women in the Bible that were used as vessels for the Kingdom of God. Now, these men and women were not always kings, queens, and high priests. They were those who fell from glory, those who lacked confidence in themselves and their gifts, and even those who lived lives of sin. God was still able to use them.
The difference between 2 sinners is the one that decides to ask for forgiveness and leave it with God and the other one asks for forgiveness, but carries the burden of guilt. We have to understand that God loves us and can use us no matter what our circumstances or transgressions have been. That's the beauty of having a relationship with God. He will bring the best out of you and help you realize your full potential.
Yeah, I had a zit recently, but I kept it moving. The moment I forgot about it, it was like I wasn't there. I met all kind of people. (Not just cute guys... lol) But really, people are attracted to confidence and greatness. Regardless of how I started that morning, I made it my business to pull it together and enjoy my day. That made all the difference in the world.

So, no matter what flaw you feel you may possess, love yourself in spite of. Whether it be as minuscule as a zit, or as monumental as a handicapped, your are fearfully and wonderfully made. And nothing else matters.
Love yourself.... with the "flaws and all"....
~Flyly, fearfully, and wonderfully made...

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