Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Case You've Missed Me....

Hello All!

I have been in one of those moods lately where I have had the need to hear from God directly. A mental break if you will..... In the meantime, I wasn't really writing to the magnitude that everyone was accustomed to. Nevertheless, God would give me small revelations along the way and I would post them on my twitter and facebook accounts. I clearly left my blogger family out, so I compiled them all here for you all. I have 2 blog posts that I wrote up today as well. I promise not to disappoint, I have missed you all....

Be blessed...


  • Life is too short to keep tab on all of those who have hurt you. All that baggage will keep you from your destiny. Bitterness is born from repeated unmet expectations. No one owes you anything, God has everything. You can't look for something in someone that only God possesses. LET IT ALL GO!... He will restore you double for your trouble ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean He won't do it. Don't allow your past sufferings to serve as the barometer for your future. Your glory is greater than your story. We must hope for our breakthrough(s) patiently and that is when He will strengthen your heart. God keeps all of His promises, but we must be willing to wait. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • No need to cry, beg, shout, or pout, if it were a dire need, then God would have supplied it. As we mature we realize that God answers our hearts' desires within His timing and His will. If He hasn't granted it (yet), then you simply don't need it. Don't be consumed by unmet met desires, instead focus on seeking the kingdom. The closer you get to Him, the more clearer things will become. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Many times when you're on the edge of a breakthrough, it may seem like the world is closing in around you. Don't be fooled by the ploys of the enemy. You are almost there. Though you may cry, don't let your dreams die. God will be your strength and your redeemer. If you just hold on, God will reveal His total plan and you will be the victor. Tomorrow might be the day, press to it. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • One of the best things you can do in life is to 'keep it moving'. If you stay in the same place too long, you lose momentum and you waste time. Most importantly, the enemy knows exactly where to find you because he succeed in pushing you there. Don't give him the victory or the satisfaction... Keep it moving people! ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • God covers you in his blood while you're a work in progress. No need to be ashamed. God will do a complete and total work in you. Rest assured that your tomorrows shall be greater, just get through today. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • We often find ourselves discouraged when it seems that all of our efforts have seemingly gone unnoticed, but know that God is all seeing and all knowing. He does not intend to cause us pain, but wants us to be in constant pursuit of Him. Sometimes He has to take dramatic measures to get us to that place of continual pursuit of him. Don’t take it personal, get personal with him. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • What you permit is what will always continue. You have to demand to be treated what you're worth. God doesn't want it any other way. Its clear when you're not appreciated and its you're role to make a change. Do it today, it will be worth it in the long run. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • No matter where you've gone, what you've said, or what has happened in your life, God's plan for you never changes. The plot of your story remains the same, you are merely adding depth to your chapters. Don't ever think you're too far from your purpose to get it right. Its still apart of your story. Trust God to know that it can and will get better ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • When God calls you to do something, let Him figure out the details. He only requires you to have a willing and pure heart. Once you walk in obedience, things will naturally fall into place. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • If you made it to today, then you have another chance to get it right. Stop focusing on your failures and start focusing on our future. You can't change the past, but u can certainly have a hand in the future. Today is the perfect day to start fresh in the right direction. Never too late. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Just because its comfortable, it doesn't mean its right. Or for right now. God doesn't want you to stay in the same place for too long. He wants you to constantly evolve. This may mean walking away from what/who you love only to return as a better, new & improved version. Well, get to packing...might be moving time. (Again)..... ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Visionaries focus on their goals and are willing to do something they hate, to pave the way to do what they love. Don't despise your meantime, it 'means' something. The next level will be upon you sooner than later. Keep pressing. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • It takes great faith to treat a frustrating relationship the same as you would a calm, fulfilling one. If its meant to be and rooted in God's will, this will merely be a teaching moment. Allow God to work it out and stay out of it. Watch a breakthrough come forward. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Don't settle for the pain and not wait for the breakthrough. The enemy wants you to forfeit what's rightfully owed to you. Keep pressing. Not much longer. Can't be! ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • When you choose to focus on your life's obstacles, your choose to ignore your life's significance. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Don't be so busy working for the life you want that you forget to live the life you have. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Stop asking God for signs when He's already provided billboards. His message is clear. ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

  • Slow to choose, then you lose. Demand your value and your worth. You owe yourself that much.... ~ Melissa A. Mitchell © 2010

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