Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get It Right the 1st Time....

Have you ever heard the same thing, from a million different sources? Like, you're up one morning watching TV and you see a commercial for cutting your hair and you're like, "Honey, my hair looks fine, I'm not cutting my hair." Then you go to church and the message is about "cutting things loose in order to grow." Then your momma asks you, "Girl, when are you going to cut your hair." And theeeeeeeeeen, you get to the hair dresser and she says to you," Ms. Thang, we are gonna have to cut your hair, whether you want to or not." lol.

That's like with God. He gives us multiple signs that something should be done in certain areas in our lives and we many times ignore it or put it off. At the final point, we have no choice but to change. I used the hair example as something simple and humorous, but God approaches us the same way with things more serious such as leaving a job, changing the nature of our relationships (with friends or significant others), the places we frequent, even down to the way we spend our money. The thing about God is, He meets us right where we are, but it's all a learning process.

Don't let God show you the same things over and over. Each time, the message will intensify and you will lose more and more power to submit. You will soon have no choice but to get it right. You must began to see what God is revealing to you the first time. Without having to suffer the repercussions of disobedience.

In life, we often times know what's good for us and what we shouldn't be doing, but we do it anyway. It is in this time that we hear God's voice and disregard it. It is in this time that we are most susceptible to reproach. God is not a God of punishment, but of learning. He not only wants us to learn from our mistakes or missteps, but to reach out and share our stories with others. It's funny how even in our wrongdoings, God still has us covered. He still watches over us. He still grants us grace. He still loves us.

In efforts not to lose valuable moments with God, get it right the first time. It will add days to your life and jewels in your crown. It will just make things flow so much easier. Your breakthrough is actually closer in reach when you do things according to his will and his instruction.

Living in direction.....


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~Kymmy~ said...

Oooohhhhh weeeeeeeee....That spoke right to me!