Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Can't Take It All With You: Rest in Piece...

Well, it seems as if I am getting more and more revelations as I sleep. Honestly, I think its my dad working in cohorts with God. Those two are NOT letting me sleep... lol. Guess that's a good thing, I have an insider's tip on life now more than ever.

As I was laying partially awake, I kept hearing "rest in peace". I was like, yeah, rest in peace daddy. Then I heard, "no, not PEACE, but PIECE". Rest in PIECE. -pause- Piece. Let me reveal what God has told me....

Our lives rest upon the legacy that we choose to leave in the earth. Whether we are allotted the seventy plus seven years God promised, or if God decides to call us home a little earlier. We have to maximize the time we've been given. When God began to reveal to me "rest in piece", he told me that we are only to leave a "piece" of ourselves to be placed in the ground, the rest should be left throughout the world, the people we meet, the projects we complete, and the works we've done.

In 1 Timothy 4:14 it says, "Do not neglect your gift which was given you through a prophetic message when the body of elders laid hands on you." Now that gift (or gifts) that has been placed in you is for all of those around you. God has given a portion that is to bless others. What's the use of possessing an angelic voice if all you do is sing in the shower. Should you not sing in a choir? Visit nursing homes & hospitals to sing? To write music to change lives? You see, when you have a specific gift, there is a specific need for the Kingdom that only YOU can meet.

I look back on my father's life and marvel at all he was able to accomplish, all the people he was able to meet, and all the dreams he was able to live out. It's amazing. He was able to reach the drug addict on the corner, all the way to the rich man's widow. There wasn't a soul he didn't feel he couldn't reach. He was able to write over 500 songs, create jerseys the world has never seen, and see things in the spirit that only God could reveal. It was because he chose to not bury his talents in the ground. He chose to surrender. Totally. He knew that when the March 12, 2010 (his death) of his life would come, he would hear job well done my son.

Dad did not use the excuses of having a non-existent father, being the product of a single mother struggling, being mistreated or misunderstood, or even feeling lonely. He knew that all his brain possessed, the world needed. He knew that when his trumpet was sounded to come back home, God would have done a complete work in him.

Two weeks before my dad suffered his massive stroke, he pulled me to the side and said he wanted to pray for me. I was like, "Dad, I'm headed to a photoshoot, what's up." He kept saying, "we don't have a lot of time baby girl, I need to impart some things to you." As we sat at the breakfast table, I saw something behind his eyes, the earthly life he lived was coming to an end. At that moment, I didn't know what I was beginning to witness, but God was increasing his spiritual man, while decreasing his earthly man. Dad did something strange, he said, "I want to anoint you before you leave. I want to decree and declare a double portion of my anointing. All that God has given me spiritually, I want you to have double that." I was at a loss for words. I didn't understand it, but now I do. Dad knew. In that very moment, he knew that his clock was ticking and it was only a matter of time before he would go home to be with his heavenly Father. He knew he couldn't take that anointing to the ground with him, it would be of no use. He knew more souls needed to be saved. He knew more music needed to be made. He knew more jerseys needed to be designed. He knew more speeches needed to be given. He knew.

You see, when we all close our eyes and rest in "piece" we don't need to take anything with us. None of our ideas, our innovations, our songs, our business plans, our anointing, and our giftings. There are things that God has placed in us that are meant for earth. These things are meant to bless people and bring them to the kingdom. It is not a coincidence that Dad was able to impart his anointing on me in his final days. It is no coincidence that you are reading this right now. God is a God of RIGHT NOW! He wants us to make a change right now and he wants us to begin to live right now. No longer is it ok to sit on our talents, ideas, and giftings anymore. We must make use of them right now.

When you lay down each night and ask for forgiveness of your sins, ask Him what you are to leave in the earth. Ask God to show you what He saw you doing. Begin to envision yourself changing lives one person at a time. Make it your business to be a blessing to someone, from a baby in the nursery, to a mega millionaire, to a difficult client, to a loved one that you have been estranged from, or even your boss that you know doesn't care for you much. You will be amazed at what power love possesses. Leave pieces of you all along the way, so when you rest in peace, you are merely resting in "piece", because your spirit will resonate all throughout the world.

I leave you with this quote:

"Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sun-dial in the shade?"
- Benjamin Franklin

Living in peace by leaving pieces all along the way...


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